The Cost: A Portion Of Your Lifespan

I wonder about many things. If you could extend a loved one's life by giving them a portion of your own, would you? We're not talking about transplants or any sort of current medical technology.

For the sake of this discussion we'll say that doctors have found a way to siphon some of your life and that they could give it to someone else. Imagine it to be similar to a gas tank and all you need to do is take a bit of yours and as a result they would live longer.

Would you do it?

Or maybe a better question is to focus on what exists now. Would you donate a kidney? How far are you willing to go? If you had a child with a terminal disease would you have another child in the hope that they could be a potential donor?

Would you be willing to clone yourself so that if heaven forbid something bad happened you'd have a donor? Where do you draw the line?


SuperRaizy said...

I would do ANYTHING I could to save the life of one of my children.

Jack Steiner said...

me too.

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