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Mad World

Ran into a guy from high school at Costco. He was driving an older Celica and listening to Tears For Fears sing Mad World. I don't recall seeing him since we graduated.

It was a little bizzare. There is probably nothing to this, but the Celica looked like the '85 or '86 model and then the music which was big when we were in school. Fortunately he wasn't dressed like a John Hughes movie extra because if he had I might have started looking for Doc. Brown and a Delorean.

Anyhoo, for those who are interested here are links to two versions of Mad World and the lyrics.

Mad World- Gary Jules
Mad World- Tears For Fears


bigwhitehat said…
The other day a coworker was dressed in white patent leater shoes and a matching belt. I told him, "Morris Day just called, he wants his outfit back." Nobody got it. I'm a geezer.
Jack Steiner said…
Morris Day- That is funny.