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Busted By Facebook

The youth of today. Oy.
Who says Facebook is the province of the young? Increasingly, the 30something bosses of naive recent college grads are proving adept at turning the social network against its earliest adopters.

Kevin Colvin, an intern at Anglo Irish Bank's North American arm, was busted when he told his manager, Paul Davis, that he'd miss work due to what colleagues took to be a "family emergency". Davis turned up the photo above, freshly posted to Facebook from the Halloween party Colvin apparently missed work to attend, and attached it to his reply, copying the rest of the office as he did it.
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Jewish Atheist said…
That's hilarious, thanks.
orieyenta said…
I thought that picture was your next Purim costume.
Funny, I thought that was your *last* Purim costume!!!
Jack Steiner said…

Your welcome


Come over to the bar and I'll pour you a couple of drinks to go along with those active imaginations.
Funny, I thought that was Jack...

(rum & coke, please!)