Why Do You Pray

My best friend and I spend all sorts of time debating and discussing all sorts of stuff. The title of this post sort of sums it all up. We had been discussing whether I actually believe in the moshiach (messiah) and whether I daven (pray) for him to come.

I am a little short on time so I can't dig into this the way I want to, but I suppose that I can really sum up our conversation to be "Why do you pray?"

It deserves a real response. I'll try to come back and give it later.

(Feel free to share your own thoughts/comments.)


FlutePrayer said...

"I am praying to you because I know you will answer, O G-d." Psalm 17:6

Stacey said...

I dunno, the older I get the more I think it's all a huge crutch. The opium of the masses.

Holy Hyrax said...


If you dont have time, why even start it up?

But anyways, prayer is supposed to be something heartfelt and personal. You can see this in the book of Samuel when Chana prays for a son. Eli the cohen thinks she is drunk. (Obviously, public prayer is probably not something that was commen). But anyways, the reason Stacy (rightfully) thinks its the opium of the masses, is because it has been codified into a book loosing all personal meaning to it.

Michael said...

It's odd; I find services meaningful, even though I think I'm too agnostic to really pray honestly.

But I have also found that there is no better time for reflection than the amidah, and the prayer does help.

come running said...

I pray by thanking Hashem everytime I see the wind blowing colored leaves from the sky, sunset, children's laughter. I thank Hashem.

I also pray when I need help, when I watch my son sleep peacefully, when I eat a pink lady apple.

I guess you could say I pray a lot.

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