Try Not To Get Too Eggcited

Many readers are aware of my friendship with The Waffle King. In fact I have received more than a couple of emails in which people have asked me to intercede on their behalf and ask the Rebbe of Waffles to provide us with a copy of his secret recipe.

For a number of reasons I have been unable to fill this request. However I am pleased to say that I can offer my help in providing you with information on eggs. Thanks to the miracle of technology I can provide you with links to three different eggspert recipes.

Treppenwitz- No guns required for this recipe. ;)

Planck's Constant- Notice the handy diagram.

Random Thoughts- Not so random recipe.

Have a great recipe that you want to share? Send it in or leave it in the comments and we'll see about adding it to the eggstravaganza.


fashionista cat in a zero gravity shoe-store said...

Made me think of a 1970s party classic in Germany:

Gef├╝llte Eier (Stuffed Eggs)
Cut hardboiled eggs in halves; spoon out the yolks and squeeze them through a fine colander into a bowl. Stir in a dab of mayonaise. Finely cut smoked salmon and mix it wit the yolk-mass. Fill the mass into an icing bag and fill the egg halves. Refrigerate till serving and garnish with some dill.
If you don't want to use mayonaise, plain yoghurt also works.

Lori said...

Get some rest Jack.

Jack Steiner said...

Stuffed eggs? Sounds interesting.


I wish that I could.

Deadman said...

You still owe me proof that you can spin a raw egg on its end.

Jack Steiner said...

Check your email.

Deadman said...

Jack - Didn't get it!


Jack Steiner said...


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