If You Don't Have Time To Talk

Then don't call me. I have a couple of friends who do this. They call me to say that they don't have time to talk. It drives me crazy. If you don't have time to talk send me a freaking email or a text message.

Don't call me to tell me that you cannot speak. One of these days when you ask the perfunctory "how are things going" I am going to say that they are terrible. I'll tell you that I have never been more upset and then what are you going to do.


Deadman said...

"and then what are you going to do."

Hang up on your sorry ass?

What are friends for?

Seriously, probably sit and listen like I did today to a friend whose divorce is pending.

I'm drained, but that's friendship sometimes.

Sarah Likes Green said...

i have friends that do this to me on instant messenger.

like, don't start if you don't have time. it's stupid.

Jacob Da Jew said...

Or they call and tell you " Hold on a sec".

Why the $%^& did you just call me, to put me on hold?

I hang up. If they complain, deal with it.

fashionista cat in a zero gravity shoe-store said...

I try to get done with any phone call in as little time as possible since I seriously don't enjoy talking on the phone. Teaching's such a noisy job that I enjoy my peace and quiet in my spare time. But I'm with you on this one; it as well annoys me when I arrange to meet up with some old friend "for the afternoon" etc., and then they tell you right at the beginning "Let's quickly grab some coffee, I've got an appointment in thirty minutes." What I think is even worse though is when people don't call / show up when they've announced to do so (most likely those that keep their mobile phones shut off); I tend to get worried then.

Jack Steiner said...

Hang up on your sorry ass?

That is why I have people call on the cellphone. Funny how fast that signal can drop a call. ;)


You're right. It is nice when they make you feel like a priority. Grr...


That is another gripe. Pick a call and handle it.


In a busy world it can be irritating to be kept waiting. Hopefully they call and let you know that they are running late.

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