Fiddler On The Roof- Tokyo Version

I posted this video last year. I don't have the energy to go digging through the archives to find it. It is a bit of a novelty, but then again I know more than one Asian Jew. At one point there were two active members of the Jblogosphere, but one has since retired.

Are there any others out there? Just curious. In the meantime go read about Winston's New Kippah.


orieyenta said...

Hey - do you think it's true? Little Orieyenta and I are the only ones out here? I knew of two bloggers who were Asian Jews and both have not posted in ages.

(Love that video BTW.)

Jack Steiner said...

Besides you I knew of one other blogger who is Jewish and Asian. to the best of my knowledge he is retired.

But I imagine there must be others.

Dear SQ

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