CNN- Outstanding Journalism Eludes Them

In an earlier post I spent a few minutes complaining about CNN allowing itself to be used as a propaganda tool for terrorists. Sadly, but not surprisingly they continue to strive for mediocrity. In the following story they just miss the mark.
Palestinian rocket injures sleeping soldiers

JERUSALEM (AP) -- A rocket fired from Gaza struck a tent filled with sleeping Israeli soldiers, wounding more than 20 of them early Tuesday, Israeli medics and the army said.

The army confirmed that a rocket had landed on a base in southern Israel about a half-mile north of Gaza.

Palestinian militants in Gaza fire crude rockets almost daily at towns in southern Israel, causing panic but rarely causing serious casualties. [emphasis mine]
Forgive my outrage, but CNN seems happy to talk about injured soldiers but neglects to cover the attacks on children.

Watch the video in this link of children running for cover or better yet watch it here and tell me you aren't upset. Tell me you aren't outraged and ask CNN why they minimize the seriousness of crude rocket attacks.


The Misanthrope said...

Have you pointed this out to them? I truly believe that if you hit them where it hurts such as asking about objective journalism it will cause certain people think.

I will be happy to support you with a writing campaign to their editors. I am sure your other readers will go along and we can all post something on our blogs.

Jack Steiner said...


It is irritating.


You have the right idea and no I haven't sent anything to them...yet. I appreciate your support. I'll let you know when things are developed further.

medvegonok said...

Technically it is not a problem to stop rockets: divide the enemy land into squares and make them clear that if there is a rocket out of the square everything is grounded there. They want to live somewhere, aren't they? Garbage-in, garbage-out. The only point is that this will cause too much causalities and none wants to use such means.
The answer of Mr.Peres to this issue was: "Nanotech beats rockets". That is, cover all the area with hornet planes and knock down by artillery or whatever, everything that appears similar to launchers.


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