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Weird Signs

Some of these are pretty cool.


Have you ever visited ?
These are pretty good. I try to take pictures of weird signs wherever I go - my favorite of all time, though is still from Israel: The Whoop-Ass grocery in J;slm. I kid you not.
Jack Steiner said…

Nope. I'll check it out.


The Whoop-Ass grocery

I'll have to check that out. Pretty cool.
My husband shot some interesting pics of signs when in England. One of his favorites is "Caution, heavy plant crossing."

I loved one in Nevada, that read ... prison in area - do not pick up hitchhikers.

I just snapped a pic of sign on the golden gate bridge. I have the pic on my website.
Jack Steiner said…
Caution, heavy plant crossing."

I have seen some pretty big trees. ;)