Vocabulary Time

It is time for more obscure words for our enjoyment. My pal Robert Avrech usually asks his readers to use the words he provides in a sentence. Not me, I want you to go and sprinkle them in comments on other blogs. Don't forget to tell them where you received such a fine education.

If this works out, in no time at all we'll have a roomful of Ivy Leaguers fighting to comment here. And then again, maybe not.

One more note, if you should ever find yourself using any of these words on a game show I must ask a favor. I want 10 percent of your winnings, or at least mention the name of the blog because you know that Trebek wishes that he could be part of a fine blog like The Shack.

[Port.] yearning or longing, but more than that...


[L. scaturiens, p. pr. of scaturire gush out, from scatere to bubble, gush.]
Gushing forth; full to overflowing; effusive. [R.]

A pen so scaturient and unretentive.

1) the eve of May Day on which witches are held to ride to an appointed rendezvous
2) something (as an event or situation) having a nightmarish quality


[fr. parley, call for truce + ?] Scot. obs.
a call for a truce by one who has fallen in fighting or play; a request for a time out


Anonymous said...

One will be able to find a minimum of two of these in my posts tom.. I may even get crafty and ram two into one post lol

come running said...

What great words... they feel good when you say them. That is if you can actually pronounce them

fashionista cat in a zero gravity shoe-store said...

Oh, I knew Walpurgisnacht (it's a German word actually). There are many more customs celebrated during that night, e.g. putting up a colourfully decorated birch tree in front of the house of a girl you adore; if you put a few cherry tree branches or straw among the branches of the birch, it means the girl is ugly. (Lately, there have been guys that would put jars full of mustard in front of certain girls' homes; I think you can figure out the denotation yourself.) Another custom is to go out dancing all night long. Yet another custom is to play pranks on people in your neighbourhood that night.

Jack Steiner said...


I'll be looking for them.


Practice makes perfect.


That was interesting. I didn't know any of that.

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