Haveil Havalim- The Once & Future Edition

Welcome to The Once & Future Edition of Haveil Havalim. A member of our community has lost their Mum. Baruch Dayan Emet.

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Boker Tov Boulder has
a request for tehillim.

Now that we have taken care of the important stuff let's review a few things. In this edition there probably will not be any references to sex, math or drugs, but there will be many good posts to read.

That is because I received more than 126 submissions. I strongly urge you all to sift through this as there are many posts deserving of your attention.


Seraphic Secret notes the Jihad in Brooklyn and Hollywood Appeasement, Hollywood anti-Semitism. Gail has an interesting story about German and Austrian Jewish G.I.s in World War II.

What happens when Free Speech is Muzzled. Perhaps it is Hell on Earth. Some people are A Light Unto the Nation.

Why Do They Call It a Peace Process? Isn't it Rather Ironic. Or maybe not. EOZ continues to provide fine content such as Hamas blaming internal fighting deaths on Israel?

Here are some Cold Truths about Hot House. At Least There is No Shortage of Water. Speaking of things that go together you might try The Bureaucrats and the Vultures. Snoopy also discussed the British outbreak of Foot In Mouth.

Kesher Talk found a Mearshimer Grouper. Jewish Atheist shared Cartoon of the Day: Liberty vs. Safety. Jeremayakova shared some words from Jackie Mason.

Elisson discussed Fear. Greetings From The French Hill discussed Cold War Politics. The Seawitch found an interesting blog about an Orthodox Navy Captain. Check it out here.

You might also read Jewish Soldier Competes For Soldier of the Year. There is the Chicago way and then there are the Manhattan Rules. But we all know that both places pale besides the mighty City of Angels.

Every day it is something different.
NYC Principal at Center of 'Intifada' T-Shirt Controversy Resigns


One of the things I love about Israel is that Everything Is Negotiable. Not to mention I Love an Optimist. Is Shimon Peres proposing Ethnic Cleansing. What do you do when Your Conscience Comes Knocking.

Daled Amos shows us that there is little to no difference between Hamas and Fatah. Powerline took a trip to Israel: A view from the fence. As always Carl has a number of very good posts inlcuding: Update and comment on mutiny in the IDF, A trial balloon for a 'Palestinian' state reichlet and The 'immunity' sham.

Jewlicious offers The Cold Truth about “Hot House”. Judeopundit covered the peace process with Gulf News: "Is Israel worthy of peace?" The Hashmonean covered Beilin looking to wheel & deal with Hamas..

In breaking news we learn that Olmert Announces Plan to Establish "United States of Palestine." Then again, Olmert is known for Spinning Things.

Our Greater Purpose provides "Refusal and Democracy in Israel" It is important to know The Difference Between Reward and Punishment. Or is it just Blood and Soil. Aussie Dave is Lampooning the Hamas website.

Psychotoddler reminds us that somethings happen Only in Israel. The Streets of Jerusalem presents Netzach Yisrael. Meryl is optimistic about the Israel's ability to defend itself because Ehud Barak reforms the IDF.

Do you know
The Difference Between Reward and Punishment. Some things get to be tedious (Yawn) Israel criticized by so-called human rights group.

I found Koestler's Letter to be quite interesting. A Grim Milestone has been reached. Seeing the Good is something that we all hope to do.

It is always good to have a helpful Aliyah Tip, then again you could be Carving up the Center.

Ari got lost in Petach Tikva, but did he say Tefilat Ha-derech first. Do you think that TAFKA PP will be upset that this parrot got a mention in HH.

Somone tell Oleh Girl that I feel her pain. The Mad Zionist blogged about Civil War. Here is a view of another Israeli first.


One Jerusalem writes about a Dim Future for American Jews. Sheyna received a disturbing letter. Schvach offers Shabbos Wishes.

Sammy says Cardinal Lustiger--the Ultimate Jew for Jesus. Rabbi Without A Cause demonstrates that sometimes Funerals Can Be Funny.

Barbara blogged about Madonna and Ayn Sof and The Search for God: Journey to mySelf. And now something special, This summer's ultimate averiah! Dag also offers The summer Karbanos.

One Jew two opinions? Its not funny anymore. I don't know about that. A Jewish Charter School is opening in Florida. Am Echad found a fascinating story.

Try Thinking Outside the Aron. Sometimes banning teens is not the best solution. EOZ has an amazing story: Bat Mitzvah girl donates $100K for playground in Israel.

KRG blogged about social justice. Read her post AgriProcessors: When abusing people and animals isn't enough. A headline such as Internet, Intermarriage and Pornography is bound to get a readers attention.

A Simple Jew shared a Q&A session with: Yossele Kvetch - Rebbe Nachman & Don Ross. Daf Notes submitted RETROACTIVELY NOT MARRIED AND THE CONSEQUENCES - Yevamos 90 - Daf Yomi.

Rav Fleischmann asks Is The Cup Half Blessed Or Half Cursed.


My Right Word offers a personal tale called Q-43 Was My Bus. Ari presents A Hebrew Poet in Baltimore. Ra'anana Ramblings hasn't disappeared. For that matter neither has WestBank Mama. Even the Hashmonean has returned.

Rivka wonders,
Credibility, expertise, authority, esteem, respect--what am I looking for? Here is another tale of Bloggers Meeting In Person. Pillage Idiot tried to take my job with his own roundup.

What would Beckham's Bar Mitzvah be like. I Dream of Jeannie from a perspective you probably never considered before. Batya's father celebrated a big birthday.

KRG provided a Non-Cranky Entry. TherapyDoc's story reminded me of people I know all too well. It is kind of fitting to place this next entry after TherapyDoc because it offers
5 Examples of Craziness.

Life of Rubin covers the CBS response to the Big Brother controversy. So did Sammy and Yo Yenta. I don't know about you, but Jewish Pirates always grab my attention, which is why I have blogged about them.

Batya suggests you visit The Museum of Jewish Heritage. I blogged about my grandparents with a post called I Haven't Much Time Left. Irina says that these bloggers Have the Power of Schmooze.

My pal Joe Settler has a cool post here, Click and read. Click and read. With a title like this I had to include it, A Hermaphrodite Killed My Dad [in a dream].

The Simpsons in Hebrew? Click here. The Meshugannah Mommy is celebrating another blogiversary. Go wish Babka a Happy Birthday. Orieyenta is dealing with A Stone Wall.

Elie has a good baseball post here. Shira hates Haloscan. Smooth has the obituary for Raul Hilberg. There is a new scholar in town. Something Something takes us back. Read Money for Nothing.

Raggedy Mom is doing more talking. Over at Plancks's Constant he offers advice on How to Make the Perfect Hard Boiled Egg. That is a money maker. I ran a similar post months ago and it still generates a ton of traffic.

Chana blogged about heroes.

This concludes this edition of Haveil Havalim, at least until I update it for the 108th time.

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Mr Bagel said...

Thanks for the Mention Jack, well done on this rather packed Haveil Havalim.

Shalom Mr Bagel
Check out: Bodgey Bagel's Caption Contest

Batya said...

I appreciate your hard work, and I've done so many HH's, I do know how hard it is!

Anonymous said...

Smokin! Thanks for a great edition and for linking

Anonymous said...


I realize this is very late notice, but I just found this. Could you please add it? It is a new blog by an Orthodox Navy Captain about to deploy to Iraq.

The post is called Installment 3

PS: Another great round-up!

Smooth said...

Great roundup. Thanks for the link, Jack, I appreciate it.

Neil Harris said...

Thanks for linking my post, Jack. It's nice to see that even w/o any comments someone is reading. :)

PsychoToddler said...

Thanks for the link, Jack. Thinking of you! Not.

Sarah Likes Green said...

Jack - thank you for the mention. There are many people from the JBlogsphere who have been wonderful support during our difficult time.

Gail said...

Nice job! Thank you very much for the link.

lxr23g56 said...

HI jack

Thanks for the mention but I not sure how much of a scholar I am!

Avromi said...

Great job and thanks for the link!

eliesheva said...

Nice job. Thanks.

Michael said...

I can't believe that someone actually wanted to mention my parrot in Haveil Havalim...

Very good post Jack. Comprehensive.

YMedad said...

I haven't edited even one HH yet because I know how time-consuming it is, and how much patience one requires. So I express my heartfelt thanks with full recognition of the positive qulaities you displayed.

We're the ones who have to put up with them said...

Well done Jack! I think you deserve a special medal of honor for taking this on during a summer weekend!

tafka PP said...

I'm just about cool with Michael's parrot- He's green. I'm purple. We can coexist. And he lives in the North! It's all good.

bernie said...

Thanks for the mention. Interestingly we differ only in the cooking time, but mine at 17 minutes actually makes the better hard boiled egg.

Jack Steiner said...

Thank you all, I appreciate your comments and your submissions.

P.S. Bernie, you know that my hardboiled eggs are superior. The yolks on you. ;)

Barbara said...

Thank you so much for the mention. It's been a rough week for me and I am honored you included my posts.

Rivka said...

Thank you for the link. It's an impressive list. I'd thought about hosting but I'm not sure I could do as good a job, and so fast! Though I am not commenting as much right now, I still very much enjoy reading your blog.

Sheyna said...

Thanks for the link, Jack! Is this an unusually high number of submissions?

Jack Steiner said...

Hi Barbara,

My pleasure.


I am glad that you keep coming back.


It is definitely up there.

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