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Facebook Reveals Secrets

A while back I created my own Facebook site, entry, whatever the hell you call it. I haven't done much with it because I just don't have the time for it. However I did spend a little time surfing through it and learned a thing or two.

Mainly I was surprised to find that many anonymous bloggers are not anonymous on Facebook. It kind of surprised me. Why would you be anonymous in one place and not the other?


when i signed up for facebook, i hadn't intended to add bloggers (who i don't really know the identity of), however a few added me so that was that. (they are limited as to what they can see though.)
Shoshana said…
I think the difference with Facebook is that you can limit what people have access to. With my blog, there is no way to do that.
Unknown said…
What they said. :) Not that I'm anon anyway...
Jack Steiner said…

I suspect that more than a few people had similar thoughts.


It is hard to do that with blogger. Wordpress and Typepad have some functions that work along those lines.


Nope. I found you in a different place as well. I wasn't looking, but there you were.