Study: Women Are in Charge at Home

Men might throw their weight around at the office, but at home, women are the bosses.

A study, which was just released, finds that wives have more power than their husbands in making decisions and dominating discussions.

"The study at least suggests that the marriage is a place where women can exert some power," said lead author David Vogel, a psychologist at Iowa State University (ISU). "Whether or not it's because of changing societal roles, we don't know.”

The results counter past research.

“Most of the research literature in psychology has suggested that women have less power,” Vogel told LiveScience. “They have largely based that on the fact that traditionally men earn more money and so therefore would have the ability to make big decisions in the relationship.” That wasn’t the case in this study.

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On behalf of the men let us all say Shelo asani ishah. And ;)


Anonymous said...

Shoot, isn't this one of those studies that just confirms what most of us know? I think women have had more power than men in the home for at least a few generations. At least in my family. (And now I'll duck!)

Jake Richter said...

Well that proves it ladies. Go out there and save the world now. The men are officially in the back seat. Any comments from the peanut gallery are just that... comments from the peanut gallery.

Anonymous said...

As long as she cooks, cleans and takes care of my manly needs she can do whatever she wants.

Stacey said...

Esp. in Jewish families, the women rule the roost. This is news?

Kol Ra'ash Gadol said...

I'd be curious to know how much the women in the study earned as compared to their husbands (and whether that was the case throughout the marriage as well). All I can say is, even as recently as my mother's generation, women were still keeping k'nipples so that they would have money to spend on thing> My grnadmother's k'nipple sent my mother to colege, because my grandfather wouldn't let her go, and cut her off when she went anyway.
And my mother, who has a higher level of education than my father, but didn't earn as much, made very few decisions about anything large until she went back to work and started bringing in the $$

Jack Steiner said...


All depends what it is.


Like the name.


If that works for you.


Apparently cleveland men are kind of wimpy. Are they all schlattered.


It is a good question. I have to imagine that income factors into this.

Jake Richter said...

Jack's Shack... Sorry about the name mix up. But I see that your name is differientable from mine. Might have to look twice but you have to do a lot of that blogging. Thanks for being so obliging especially since you have seniority.

Jack Steiner said...


Oy. That is it, I am calling your Rosh Yeshiva now. Time to get a refund. ;)

Jake Richter said...

–adjective capable of being differentiated.

ok so I spelled it wrong...geez.

Anonymous said...

What about circumstances where the husband earns a good living but the wife (who doesn't work or works for a smaller income) comes from a wealthy family? How much does the presence of money in the background affect daily life? I think there are a lot of nuances to these matters.

Jack Steiner said...

I think there are a lot of nuances to these matters.


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