Name a Song That Makes You Cry

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Hi folks. I wonder if there is a song or songs that make you cry. I have a few that get me choked up. I'll share those later on. I look forward to seeing your responses.


Shoshana said...

Everybody Hurts by REM. Also, Goodbye My Lover by James Blunt. There are a few others, at opportune times, that will make me cry, just because I relate so well to what they are saying at that moment.

FlutePrayer said...

Our National Anthem, Shostakovich's 5th Symphony (does that count as a song?), last movement of Beethoven's 9th (New World).

I have a friend who openly weeps whenever she hears Stars and Stripes Forever.

The Babka Nosher said...

Where Were You When The World Stopped Turning (Alan Jackson)
This One's For You (Barry Manilow).

Miss Worldwide said...

"The Partisan" by Leonard Cohen

cruisin-mom said...

Hi Jack...showing my age...Joni Mitchell, "the circle game"

Sarah Likes Green said...

'skin' by rascal flatts - always makes me teary. and like shoshana said, also a few others depending on my mood.

torontopearl said...

1. Theme song from Schindler's List
2. Ordinary Miracles by Amy Sky
3. I Will Take Care of You by Amy Sky

Lori said...

Loreena McKennitt's Dante's Prayer from my new CD, Book Of Secrets. It's hauntingly beautiful and powerful. The first time I listened to it (tonight), the gentleness of the music took my breath away.

Loreena McKennitt - Dante's prayer

When the dark wood fell before me
And all the paths were overgrown
When the priests of pride say there is no other way
I tilled the sorrows of stone

I did not believe because I could not see
Though you came to me in the night
When the dawn seemed forever lost
You showed me your love in the light of the stars

Cast your eyes on the ocean
Cast your soul to the sea
When the dark night seems endless
Please remember me

Then the mountain rose before me
By the deep well of desire
From the fountain of forgiveness
Beyond the ice and the fire


Though we share this humble path, alone
How fragile is the heart
Oh give these clay feet wings to fly
To touch the face of the stars

Breathe life into this feeble heart
Lift this mortal veil of fear
Take these crumbled hopes, etched with tears
We'll rise above these earthly cares


Please remember me
Please remember me, ...

Another meshugannah mommy said...

Same Old Auld Lang Syne - Dan Fogleberg

Anonymous said...

Desiree, Kissing you, from Romeo and Juliet OST.

Pride can stand a thousand trials,
the strong will never fall
But watching stars without you,
my soul cried.Heaving heart is full of pain,
Oh, oh, the aching.
Touch me deep, pure and true..
Gift to me forever.

nalfia said...

There's a song by the band EverClear called "Father of Mine" that always makes me cry.

Michael said...


Also, Cool, Cool River by Paul Simon.

"Sometimes even music cannot subsitute for tears."

Elie said...

There are probably others but these come immediately to mind:
"Cat's In The Cradle", Harry Chapin
"My Little Town", Paul Simon
"At Seventeen", Janice Ian
"Roll Me Away", Bob Seger
"Turn Around" Kingston Trio

FYI, I tagged you with the Meme of Eight. See my blog for more.

We're the ones who have to put up with them said...

Til I Get Over You by Brian McKnight.
Anytime by Brian McKnight.

I also cry over some of the ones others have mentioned here: Same Auld Lang Syne and Hatikva among others.

What can I say? I'm a sap. So shoot me!

have popcorn will lurk said...

Cry (imagine that!) by James Blunt
Les Preludes by Lizst
Carmina Burana (I sang in a professional chorus years ago - it's glorious!!)
That kind of stuff... I don't always cry for sad reasons :)

Stacey said...

AMM: That Dan Fogelberg song is awesome. I love it, too.

Anonymous said...

"Heroes," David Bowie and "Malibu," Hole and "Say Yes," Elliott Smith

Annie said...

Whiskey Lullabye gets me every time. Sung by Brad Paisley and some woman whose name I never remember.

Miss Worldwide said...

Oh yeah, me too, Hatikva! Every single time.

Kol Ra'ash Gadol said...

This is weird, but, music doens't make me cry. However, since I had a kid, pretty much everything else does. Books (even ones that aren't particularly sad), heck toothpaste commercials can get me started if the timing is right. This rom someone who never ever cried as a chld, teen or adult. Nope. I pretty much never shed a tear, for any reason, until I had a kid. What the H???

Susan said...

Hi There,
I am here by way of Brians Friday roundup. Nice to meet you.
I cry to alot of sappy songs.
JAMES BLUNT - "GOODBYE MY LOVER" Is so sad and is one of the most requested songs at American funerals.
Just this morning, I heard one that I hadnt heard for years and it had me welling up! MIKE AND THE MECHANICS - "LIVING YEARS"

Deadman said...

"Brokedown Palace" by the Grateful Dead.

jill b said...

Casting Crowns "I'll Praise You In This Storm"

Redneck Diva said...

(Last comment deleted due to operator error, hehe)

"Where've You Been" by Kathy Mattea makes me sob like a baby. I can hardly even listen to it and usually turn the station when it comes on.

Also "Taps" played at a funeral by the military bugler. I attended the funeral of a man I barely knew, attended for his family who I'm close to, and sobbed when they played Taps at the end. When they played it at my papa's funeral last fall, I was nearly inconsolable.

treppenwitz said...

Damn, I was gonna say Same Old Auld Lang Syne by Dan Fogleberg. Hmmmm, lemme see, Oh I have one:

Alone again naturally - Gilbert O'Sullivan

Oxmyx said...

I thought immediately of Loreena McKennitt's "Lady of Shallot" -- her voice and Tennyson's words are just beautiful, and I get all choked up. I see someone else mentioned her "Dante's Prayer".

Chana said...

This is a really beautiful post and I listened to the majority of the songs listed in it last night.

Oddly, these don't make me cry. What does make me cry is songs in context of a movie/ play where something terrible or sad has just happened.

When I saw "Madama Butterfly," the part that made me cry was the song Tu, tu, piccolo Iddio. (You can see everything I have to say about it here, including the translation of the song.

Thanks Jack!

jack said...

my yidishe mama,by joselle rosenblatt
and,the father of girls,by perry como

Yitzchak Goodman said...

The Little Bird is Calling--just kidding!

frumhouse said...

"For Good" from the Broadway play Wicked.

"Even Now" by Barry Manilow (Yep, I'm a Fanilow)

"Vanishing" by Mariah Carey

"Lullabye" by Bily Joel

However, depending on hormonal fluctuations, I've been known to cry at commercial, don't go by me.

Jack Steiner said...

I am not ignoring all of the comments here. As a matter of fact I appreciate all of your participation. It has been quite helpful for a project I am working on.

benning said...

This one, from 1970, still evokes a tear. But a manly tear!

"Silent Homecoming"
by Ringo Starr

(written by Sorrells Pickard)

Patiently she stares down the runway,
Today's the day that he is coming home.
Seems like he's been gone a life time
And a life time is a long time to be gone.
But there are songs that need singing,
And there are things that must be done.
There are thoughts that still need thinking,
And there are wars that must be won.

He was just a boy when they sent for him
And overnight turned him into a man.
Proudly he had served his country
In a war he didn't seem to understand.
The flag still waves, his war is over,
He'll never have to kill again.
And as she waits, she thinks it over,
Is winning worth the prize we pay to win?

Her thoughts keep wandering to his childhood,
When all his hand grenades were merely toys.
And "war" was just a game that he was playing
With plastic guns like other little boys.
And ev'ry day when play was over,
He'd put his little toys away.
And she'd be standing, waiting for him,
The way she's waiting here today.

As the plane stops she starts thinking,
Will he still look the way he did before?
Or will his eyes reflect the pain of killing,
Like most young men when they come home from war?
These last few minutes seem like hours,
She tries her best not to cry.
But there's that hearse filled up with flowers,
Did he really have to die?
No, no, no, no,
No, no, no, no, no,
No, no, no,
No, no,
No, no,
No, no, no,
No, no, no,
No, no, no, no, no.

Unknown said...

"Im wunderschonen monat mai" By Robert Shumann

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