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High Tech Toilet Seat

This seat deserves some sort of intro such as you would find here. Instead we'll just let you know that this is the Kohler C3™-200 elongated toilet seat. For the paltry list price of $1300.00 you receive the following benefits:

C3 toilet seats with bidet functionality use the naturally soothing quality of water as a refreshing, hygienic alternative to toilet tissue, offer cleanliness, comfort and convenience for all users.
  • Features two separate water nozzles for the anterior and posterior that spray the user with warm aerated water
  • Constructed of anti-microbial plastic
  • A user sensor ensures someone is sitting on the seat before the functions are activated
  • Heated seat with three different temperature settings
  • Warm air with three temperature and fan speed settings
  • Deodorizer helps to minimize unpleasant odors
  • Continuous hot water is provided with an in-line water heater
  • Quiet-Close Quick-Release toilet seat
  • Remote control provides user-friendly function controls in the palm of your hand
  • User presets, store to memory the control settings for two users
  • Lighted bowl eliminates the need to turn on a light at night
  • Energy save mode reduces energy consumption when the seat is not in use


Deadman said…
I'll bet it's a bitch to clean all those nozzles and shit...pun intended.
I'm not paying $1300 for a muktzeh toilet seat!
Michael said…
Whatever happened to peeing on a tree?
Jacob Da Jew said…
For that price, you should get a tv too.
Jack Steiner said…

I bet.


So if it wasn't muktzeh....


That is a separate post.


Ask and you shall receive.
Deadman said…
"Whatever happened to peeing on a tree?"

Women can't pee on trees, Michael, unless they're bon-sai trees...