Have You Made Friends Through Blogging?

So the question of the day is have you made any friends through blogging. I'll start by saying that I have made several. If I have time later on I will expand upon this, but for now I am interested in hearing what you have to say.

The floor is now open.


The Misanthrope said...

I would count you as among blog friends that I have not met. There have been a few that I have met, and one who recently interviewed at the job. The succinct answer is yes.

Shoshana said...

I have met quite a few friends through blogging, some of whom I have met in real life, and some of whom I have only been in touch with online.

Anonymous said...

YES. I've even met a few in real life.

Anonymous said...

Uh, met a few bloggers in real life, I meant. And we are friends.

Unknown said...

Many. Both in real life and online.

Anonymous said...

I'm new to blogworld and I was wondering about this, could you make good friends without knowing them in person?

PsychoToddler said...

Hell yeah.

Anonymous said...

Just you, Jack dear. ;)

Sara with NO H said...

Somehow I've managed to make more enemies than friends. Kidding lol

Annie said...

I think that I've made a few. Of course I guess you'd have to ask them too.

orieyenta said...

Count me as a yes too!

Steg (dos iz nit der šteg) said...

yes i have

Sarah Likes Green said...

yes although i have yet to meet most of these bloggers in real life.

marallyn ben moshe said...

yeah...isn't that great? so the next quesion is 'When are you coming to visit?'

Anonymous said...

yes i did make some very nice friends, but didn't move on to meet them personal. (yet)

Rafi G. said...

definitely. some I have met and some I have not, but I have made a lot of new friendships since I have been blogging

Jack Steiner said...


Thank you. I feel the same way.


That is great.


Very nice.


It is almost time for another post updating who you know/met etc.


I think that you can.




Aroogah. ;)


Stalkers are great. ;)


I asked and they all told me that they are still waiting to get paid. ;)


That is cool.




All that time in LA and you didn't meet everyone. Oy vey. ;)




Next week.


All in time.


It is a nice thing.

Deadman said...


Baconeater said...

I've made many. But I've yet to meet one yet. I think that is going to change soon. I can feel it.

tafka PP said...

Very much so. And met quite a few of them too, and hope to meet more...Thought I had plenty of friends before I started blogging- who knew?

Also, I've become closer to people I knew peripherally before now that they too know the secret blogger handshake!

Anonymous said...

Friends? Most definitely. We do a lot of real world work so we often have opportunities to meet fellow bloggers and readers. What's really amazing, something I would never have anticipated, is that we've also had to deal with blog groupies! I kid you not. Go figure. We live in a crazy world....

Jack Steiner said...




Very nice.


The handshake makes all the difference in the world.


That is very cool.

Anonymous said...

It would seem so.

It certainly added to the Israel experience.

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