Liveblogging Dinner WIth The Shmata Queen

Ever wonder what dinner with the Shmata Queen is like?

SQ: Miriam and Marc make me crazy.
Me: Actually you're craziness comes from the water in cleveland.

SQ: Honey, they have so many things that need to be taken care of. What is she thinking.
Me: Dear, the operative word in that last sentence is "they." As THEY need to take care of this.

SQ: I can't just stand by and watch.
Me: I know.

SQ: Hey, that wasn't nice.
Me: Ask me what I think about those jeans. (add evil laugh)

SQ: This is serious.
Me: What is? The jeans, life, Ezzie's belief that the cavs can win. What is serious?

SQ: Marc and Miriam.
Me: They should elope. Save the cash, run to Vegas and be done with it. It is very romantic.

SQ: Thus spaketh the King of Romance as he typed away at the keyboard.
Me: You want romance. Buy Harlequin.

SQ: I am making a list of things to pick up at Costco.
Me: Watch out for Angry Alabamans.

SQ: Must you always bring up these stories.
Me: As long as the burning river shall last so shall these stories.

SQ: Editor's note. This is a family blog so I can't repeat the words that were used.
Me: Tell you what, why not try updating your blog.

SQ: I want to, but there is so much going on.
Me: Ok, why not let me do it.

Exciting stuff, isn't it. Later on I'll have to share some more dialogue including exciting discussions about caviar and ketchup, tired '70s music and the cop in the Target parking lot. In the meantime I have to go hide. ;)


Anonymous said...

Anyone named Miriam can't be all that bad.

Jack Steiner said...

That is what I hear. ;)

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