The Last Word

One of the benefits of growing older is the ability to set aside the ego and engage in introspection. Here at the keyboard I have shared many of my thoughts about life. I have written about some of my fears and really provided some insight into who I am.

So here is a little bit more about me. I like to get the last word in. I suppose that I always have. Some of it can be attributed to my competitive nature. Who doesn't want to have the last word. Who doesn't want to try and always be right.

The reality is that sometimes we are wrong. Sometimes we do things that are less than admirable. It is one of the on going discussions I have with my children. I encourage them to try many things and to not be afraid to make mistakes. There is nothing wrong with making a mistake. The question is whether you learn from your mistakes.

I don't fear making mistakes. Sure, I don't like being embarrassed. Who does. But it is something that comes with life. Sometimes you do fall down. Sometimes when you trip you do more than stub your toe. Things happen.

As I mentioned above the real question is what you do afterwards. In general I have learned to spend a little time considering what happened and why. Sometimes it goes against my nature. In general I want to respond quickly. Yet, experience has taught me that the tired cliche look before you leap has plenty of merit.

Life is like a chess game. One move leads to another and then another. You have to remember to consider more than the straight lines because some things come at you from strange angles.

So I take a deep breath and remember that getting the last word isn't always about an immediate response. Sometimes the best play is the one that is least expected. And that is why on this day you can find me watching and waiting for my next opening because it will present itself.


Anonymous said...

we still love you jack

someone is actively out to ruin the jibs and bad mouth other bloggers he dislikes and you fingered the likely suspect and was apparently right

no shame in that

We're the ones who have to put up with them said...

I don't know what the issue is so I suspect pulling a Rodney King right now wouldn't be appropriate.

Someone is out to ruin the JIBs? Sheesh! I guess sometimes it's good to be an inept, newbie blogger whose only thought is gratitude for preset templates so her blog doesn't look like a hot mess....

Paula said...

Sometimes the best last word is silence. Let them wonder.

Jack Steiner said...


It is what it is.


You aren't missing anything.


Quite true.

Anonymous said...

A long time ago there was a musical called Chess. Did you ever see it? The whole thing was that life and love is essentially a chess match. Each moves leads us to another- we all start off with just a few opening moves and then each game becomes totally unique. I like that metaphor a lot. Nice to see you think about it too.

Jack Steiner said...

I never saw the play but I own the CD. "One Night in Bangkok" and the rest are on my iTunes.

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