Haveil Havalim- The Plain Edition

Who would have ever thunk a drive-in in Buffalo would be the headquarters for the 117th edition of Haveil Havalim. I suppose that using a drive-in dates me. It is probably a good 15 years since I last went to a movie at a drive-in.

Of course some of you come from homes in which you have never been to a movie in a theater let alone a private car or truck. They were fun, drive-in's that is.
So maybe we should switch modes and move to something a little more modern such as this little doohickey below.

Go out and buy more Ipods. It will help keep Apple stock up and in turn you'll help keep a smile on Avrech's face, not to mention the good old Psycho Toddler who only recently joined the rest of us in using 21st century devices. ;)
Anyway, you'll have to put up with one more comment or two from me. This is approximately the seventh time that I have hosted Haveil Havalim. I have never seen as big a response as I did this time. I easily received more than 130 submissions. Of course some of you sent me seven or eight submissions from your own blog. My apologies for not being able to use all of them.

One more special request. It would be greatly appreciated if you could link to this post on your blogs. The more exposure that HH receives the better.

And now on to our carnival. My apologies if it is not organized as well as it could be, it was a busy week.


Simply Jews blogged about the Iranian arrest of a US citizen. Liorah writes that Pakistan may ignite a war. Jihadists continue to use technology to promote their cause. At Jihad Watch there is a discussion about The Islamist's War. Yid With Lid says The Muslim American Society Promotes Terror. Welcome To American Idol "Jihad Edition."

Over at Slightly Mad there is a list of
fine restaurants to eat at. Fiery Spirited Zionist has an opinon on Why "palestine" should never come into existence. Solomonia reports Mubarak: Hamas will never sign a peace agreement with Israel.

According to Israel Matzav
Arab countries despair seethe over 'Palestinians'. Carl also offered Gaza 'Palestinians' pray for 'occupation'. The Augean Stables offers As Palestinians Self-Destruct, They Blame Israel.

Over at Yoni The Blogger we learn that:
U.S. Aired Nasrallah Speech Because No One Knew Arabic.

Dag shares memories of the
Six Day war. Daled Amos shares 3 SOLDIERS FROM THE FAMOUS 6 DAY WAR PHOTO SPEAK. Sadly, no surprise here: Syria claims Eli Cohen's grave is 'inaccessible'.


Jerusalem Joe offers Why Women Are Exempt From Prayer In Judaism – A Jungian Explanation. Meryl received an email asking for help locating lost relatives. Chana needs the bracha for Mentos. Back of The Hill says Spoken Of In Daniel. Over at a Simple Jew there is a Guest Posting By Chabakuk Elisha - "Heimishe" Racism.

Drew Kaplan covered
White Days. A Mother in Israel provided Tzniut/Modesty roundup--Lots of links.

Rabbi Sedley offers 29th Iyar - Tefillat HaShlah. RWAC discussed Platonic Relationships. Jerusalem Joe asks Is Your Jewish Mother A Maximizer, and What Can You Do About It?

What do you think: Har Ha-Bayit - yea or nay today?

TG discussed being an
Informed Jew. Over at Frum Satire we learned that Fish a nightmare for the cholent fan. It is not a date without Funny Shidduch Stories.

Wolfish Musings asks
What, Exactly, Is Expected Of Us? Ezzie provided a post on Jewish Economics. Did you know that everyone is a prophet these days.

Planck's Constant offered
Shavuot and a world without Jews. DovBear wrote about Arousal. What do you know about chalitza and chultza?

Over at Daf Notes you can find

At Crossing the Rubicon you can read about
Torah Portions and Nostalgia. Steg wonders Do I Need An Image-Adjustment? Over at My Obiter Dicta we found Ignorance and Hillul HaShem.

Gil Student adds his two cents to
The Problem with Education Today.


Jerusalem for Every Jew is the title of a post at Frumhouse. Simply Jews blogged about "family relationships" with My brother, my enemy. Over at Oleh Musings you can find A Few Musings, Occasioned by Rockets. Guide To The Perplexed blogged about Ali Abunimah's One Country.

Video of Jewish Children Running to Bomb Shelter During Attack Smooth covered Yom Yerushalayim - Jerusalem Day as did Treppenwitz and the Seawitch. Tsimcha.com covered it too with Yom Yerushalaim: A SECOND MATAN TORAH!

Esser Agaroth observed A
Little Divine Displeasure Perhaps? At Freedom's Choice you can find If I Forget Thee… A Very Personal Recollection. Miriam wonders if anyone remembers going to Israel with NCSY in '1975?

Am Echad asks
Why were "Messianic Jews" marching in Jerusalem?

Akiva has some heartbreaking posts about the situation in Sderot
here, here and here. Boker Tov Boulder blogged about the terrorist handbook. One Jerusalem has more about Sderot here. Meryl has her own round up about Sderot here. Joshuapundit blogged about this as well as did Aussie Dave and Yid With Lid. Rafi has his own thoughts and so does Joe Settler.

ISL presents
Peter Principle Becomes Law of the Land in Israel. Sometimes a response is required as in Striking Back. Israpundit proffered Sderot-the next Yamit.

Seraphic Secret blogged about
Fourth Generation Warfare. The Spine discussed Palestinian Unity. That leads us straight to Gaza Civil War Watch: 40 Dead in Factional Fighting. Or should we say Statehood Please.

Have you ever seen
a tankless parade. I enjoyed reading about The Dancing Man. Backspin provided Understanding the Six Day War. Rafi went on an adventure.

Caught: One would-be assassin from Doctors Without Borders read all about it at BokerTov Boulder.

Have you ever been to
Hamas Kindergarten. Elder of Ziyon presented The death of Oslo. Perhaps it is time to think about Life after the PA. Shiloh Musings says Hesder, the "Arrangement" is "cracking".

And sometimes there are those
One of those great, "only in Israel" experiences. Then again we have stories about drivers swerving around an injured motorcyclist. At the Muqata More Only in Israel...a picture.

Carl reminds us that
Israel has more than one leader sleeping at the wheel and he asks Are Goldwasser and Regev dead? Yo Yenta is blogging about Oil Insanity.

This headline caught my eye:
Holy stinky washing machine batman!

Over at Not a Fish we find: Best way to deal with British promoters of anti-Israel boycott… - Updated"


Cross Currents wishes that we Had More Harry Trumans. Over at Daled Amos The Media Has Spoken The C Word. One of these days I am going to have tune into that new show Lifestyles of The Rich and Terrorist.

MyRightWord wonders,
if the Hamas are described as having a "military" wing, their wingers are still termed "militants"? Omri provided "International Boycott" Of Palestinians Actually Meant "Triple The Amount Of Aid". Of Course It Did.

Judith found the last edition of HH to be incredibly geeky. Let's hope that she like this one better. Here is the speech that George W. Bush should have given care of
Kesher Talk. Some people question Yahoo!'s actions in removing a site.


The Waffle King wonders what comic book characters Jblogosphere denizens would be. Ra'anana Ramblings is cruising down Memory Lane.

Over at EllieTalk she wonders about the
Deadliest Catch. This is not about boy bands. It is about Old kids on the block.

A Bisele Babka wants to know Who is Coming for Lunch. AbbaGav is on a half hiatus. Soccer Dad met the JIBs with Jabs.

Rav Fleischmann proclaims.
I Love The Smell Of Blogging In The Morning. I wonder what that smells like.

Raggedy Mom is turning into her mother. You must read Aaron: Two Years Gone and The Book of Ben. Mottel discusses how people see others. You know Everyone Needs Therapy.

And now for poetry.
My Life In Haiku.

How many people missed out on the
Great Blogger Bash of '07. Irina covered her summer plans. I don't know about you but I miss having summers in which I could make summer plans.

Elisson wrote about the
Combover Hassidim. Congratulate Ocean Guy on his blogiversary here.

Nobody Irons like
Grandma. Jewish Atheist discussed Pleasure vs. Happiness.

And now I present
the Milton Friedman Choir - The Corporation. What about Hot Guys- Frum v Non-frum.

Everyone should have this kind of love for their spouse, Robert: Not Too Normal.

What Makes a Mentch. Shoshana covered the story of an Israeli woman and the WNBA. Miss Worldwide had a close encounter of the Blogger Kind.

Pearl offers
A Shout-Out to Blogland. KCC #18 is live.

A Whispering Soul is still
MIA. Call me crazy but I think that he still might come back, or maybe he has under a new name. Looking for new digs try checking out Schvach.

And thus ends this edition of Haveil Havalim. As always credit for starting this goes to Soccer Dad.

Esser Agaroth will be hosting the next edition. Thanks again for playing.

P.S. This may be updated throughout the day so don't be afraid to check back in.


Anonymous said...

Nice job. What is with the missing comment box.

Anonymous said...

Great job as always. Thank you for the link, I really appreciate your support.

lxr23g56 said...

Well done and thanks for the mention!

Batya said...

interesting mix

The Babka Nosher said...

Thanks for the link, Jack! It's a great HH!

Avromi said...

Thanks for the links!!! Good job!!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the link.

frumhouse said...

Very nice job! I really enjoy seeing posts that I missed, or being directed to blogs I did not know about. Thanks!

Lori said...

Duh! I just realized one can submit articles from blogs other than their own.

Lori said...

Um, one "here" is missing a corresponding link about Sderot in the Israel roundup. You may want to fix that.

Lori said...

I appreciate the link, but I didn't submit the post from my blog that's been linked. Consequently, I'm curious as to why someone submitted that particular post. Oh, well.

Alan aka Avrum ben Avrum said...

Dear Jack,

Thank you for the mention of The Book of Ben as a "must" read.

I remain,

Very Sincerely yours,

Alan D. Busch

JJ said...

Awesome job, Jack! And thanks for the shout-out!

ziontruth said...

Great job, and thanks for the link!

Anonymous said...

I do not know if this will interest you but being an Aussie I love it.

John Howard (right) receives a certificate from JNF (Victoria) president Tom Borsky declaring a forest named in the PM's honour in the Negev.
Photo: Sam Okun/Progressive Photography


PRIME Minister John Howard has spoken of his deep affection for Israel and the Australian Jewish community after being awarded the 2007 Jerusalem Prize at a dinner at Crown Palladium on Sunday night.

Howard told more than 1200 people that he was “tremendously” proud to receive the award, a joint initiative of the Zionist Federation of Australia, the State Zionist Council of Victoria and the World Zionist Organisation.

“I admire the people of Israel and the contribution to Australia by the Jewish community,” he said.

“They bring energy, verve and educational nous to our country and are engaged in all aspects of life. They are true sons of Australia.”

Howard’s address -- met with a standing ovation -- was surprisingly free of any discussion of the environment, given that the event was hosted by the Jewish National Fund, which is dedicating a forest in Israel’s northern Negev region in his honour.

He also spoke of the shared democratic ideals of Israel and Australia and defended his support of Israel during the construction of the security fence in 2004 and last year’s conflict with Hezbollah.

“Good friends stick together when it is unfashionable to do so,” he said.

The other keynote speaker of the evening was Brigitte Gabriel, the Lebanese Christian journalist, who is an outspoken supporter of Israel.

She spoke of her harrowing experience living as a young girl in a bomb shelter in Lebanon after her home had been destroyed, and of her support for Israel that followed the time she spent in the country alongside her injured mother, who was being treated in an Israeli hospital.

An estimated 100 protesters "greeted" guests on their arrival at the Crown complex, chanting pro-Palestinian slogans and accusing Israel of practicing apartheid.

Among the protesting groups was the Melbourne Palestine Solidarity Network.

Victoria Police and the Community Security Groups reported no incidents.

Howard has received numerous awards of late from Jewish groups, including the Australia-Israel Chamber of Commerce, the B'nai B'rith and Sydney's Jewish Communal Appeal.

Miss Worldwide said...

Wow, what hard work you did! Thanks for the mention!!! Hag Sameakh, live from Tel Aviv.

bernie said...

I appreciate the mention and I would also like to thank whoever it was that submitted my post for inclusion in your carnival.

Very thorough and unusual mix.

have popcorn will lurk said...

Thanks for the link, Jack! Esp. since I've been AWOL and didn't send you anything! :)

P.S. I do believe it's shehakol ;)

Kol Ra'ash Gadol said...

Okay, I'm an idiot - I more or less can figure out *what* Haveil Havalim is ( posts that someone likes from recent blog entries..?) but er, what is it - is this some sort of round robin of specific bloggers that just agreed to do this every so often?
HOw did I miss this up until now; did I just tune it out?

RaggedyMom said...

Hey, thanks Jack!!

tafka PP said...

Great HH and belated thanks for the link! And I second the shout-out to MCA to return. Ah well, I guess meantime, we'll always have Facebook...

Jack Steiner said...

Hi all,

Sorry for the delayed response. I have read all of your comments and appreciate them greatly.

My apologies for not responding to each of you individually.

marcel said...

rendez vous sur jewisheritage.fr
a bientot

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