Why I Quit Blogging

Remember the first week of school when your teacher handed out now famous assignment of writing an essay called "What I Did Last Summer?" Well that is kind of what this post is like. It is a short little essay that I really didn't want to write about why the time has come to close up shop.

In the beginning blogging was new and exciting. It was something that was always fun to do. It never felt like a chore or work. It was without fail a very pleasurable hobby, kind of like having sex on a merry-go-round or airplane bathroom. Oops, did I just type that. Oh well, going with the sex analogy this place has turned into a tired old partner.

I know every nook and cranny. I know every move it is going to make. The lack of spontaneity and excitement in it has turned it upside down into a quick case of missionary blogging- you know the kind where it is wham, bam, cut, paste, click, enter and we're done.

The act has become so mundane. It is hard to get up for doing it. I imagine that this must be what it feels like to live in a place like cleveland. This ho hum feeling is a sad testament to just how bad it has become.

So it is time to move on to brighter pastures and bluer skies. As Doug Adams said, So long and Thanks For All The Fish. Chag Sameach to all of my Jewish readers. I wish you a terrific holiday.

P.S. April Fools.


Irina Tsukerman said...

Oh my gosh, you almost gave me a heart attack. :)

The Misanthrope said...

It took all of three seconds, than I recalled what today was, besides opening day for baseball, April 1.

I gave the wife heartburn when I told her was trading in the car today for a BMW 5 series.

Deadman said...

Chag Sameach, Jack. Thanks for the good times...

Miss Worldwide said...

ooohh... you scared me! For one moment, I really thought that after a while, the excitement fades away and blogging becomes a chore... which would have been quite disappointing for an excited new blogger like me! Pheeewww....

Deadman said...

Hmm. Could you make the writing any smaller???


Reuven Chaim Klein said...

What does "April fools" means?

Just kidding. You better not leave the JBlogosphere.

Sarah Likes Green said...

phew... glad you're sticking around :)

have a great pesach

Anonymous said...


Have a great Pesach!

Jack Steiner said...


Not a problem, I used to teach CPR. ;)


The 5 series is nice.


Chag sameach to you too.

Miss Worldwide,




Reb Chaim,



Thanks. Chag sameach to you too.


Have a fabulous holiday.

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