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Miss Worldwide said...

Are you making aliyah soon? This video makes me want to go there straight away!

Anonymous said...

Hopefully, I'll be there in 10-15 years.

Kol Ra'ash Gadol said...

Miss Worldwide - you'd better go soon! According to the video, apparently there's only one woman there now. The guys must be feeling pretty desperate!
It's not clear to me how pictures of soldiers (all male!) Orthodox men kissing the Wall, Holocaust memorabilia and anti-semites is supposed to make me want to go there.
Just in case anyone is wondering, there are lots of nice things in Israel, and positive reasons to go there, like: it's harder to find a non-kosher than a kosher restaurant in Jerusalem; Jewish holidays are national holidays; everyone seems to think that they have custody of your kids and have no problem corraling them, disciplining them, ordering them to eat more, or telling you what they ought to be wearing; sfarim are cheap; food isn't shipped all that far, and dairy products are wonderful; the guy who runs the makolet down the block - you'll have a personal relationship with him in about a month, and he'll save stuff for you that he knows you'll like, and tell you what would be good to try - and he'll be right; the varieties of Judaism are all in evidence - all the communities of the world have outposts here - and so the color of Jews are many and varied - and yet somehow, everyone looks like they might be related to you; there are lots of mitzvot you can only do there...and on and on.

Jack Steiner said...


Not yet, but one day.


We'll all meet at the Bogners for a barbecue. ;)


As you clearly have stated this video is just a tiny aspect of Israel. There are so many other reasons to go.

But I wouldn't expect anyone to consider this video to be a definitive picture of what life is like or why anyone should go.

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