How Jack Handles Writer's Block

In the previous post I complained about feeling Blogadaisical. My blogging has slowed down a bit. Some of it is due to lack of time and some of it is precisely because of the Blogadaisical feeling I have.

Now I certainly don't have the same lack of interest that The Shmata Queen has. Because you know that left to her own devices the
The Shmata Queen would just give up and stop blogging. I think that some of this is attributable to her cleveland upbringing. Think about how hard it must be to have The Browns, The Cavs and The Indians as the teams that represent your city.

It is not easy. Ezzie had to leave the burning river. Just look at his bio and you'll see that as soon as he was of age he got out of Dodge.

Now where was I before I was distracted by
The Shmata Queen. Sorry, sometimes I get schlattered. Anyhoo, the point of this post is to discuss how I handle writer's block and I will answer that question. Posts like this are exactly what I do to get beyond it.

More specifically I just start writing about anything. Eventually whatever is holding things up for me goes away and I am able to construct more meaningful posts that have some sort of rhythm to them. As a writer I find it terribly frustrating to be pumping out inferior material. If this were a professional endeavor I would cull the herd of the really bad posts and leave the good stuff up.

But it is just a blog and it makes more sense for this to be virtually unedited. In theory this will one day be read by my children, grandchildren and whomever else. It will give them some more insight into what their old dad/grandpa was like. That gives me an idea for a new post. Excuse me while I try putting that together.


Stacey said...

OMG< you are such the DWEEB (but still, my favorite one)!!

I'm Haaretz, Ph.D. said...

"blogadaisical" :)

That's bound to become a classic.

Jack Steiner said...

I try. ;)

Sheyna said...

Interesting that you've basically described the "free write," a common tool used by writers. I'm in the space of needing to do one of those today. Not blogadaisical, exactly (I love the term!), just flat-out exhausted.

Jack Steiner said...

Free writing is one of my favorite things to do.

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