Why Mixed Dancing At Weddings Is a Bad Idea

Sidenote: This is still better than these guys.


Sheyna said...

At my wedding, Husby and I were lifted into chairs and carried around. Someone gave us a linen napkin so we could "dance together." Every detail was attended to except one: the women carring the front of my chair were shorter than the women in back.

Less than a minute into the celebration, yards of wedding gown between me and the tipping chair, I fell off. By the way, the belief that a wedding dress can act as a parachute and break a fall? Myth. Total myth. :-)

The Babka Nosher said...

I don't know which is more frightening... watching them perform that, knowing that someone thought it was a good idea, or imagining the wedding party getting together in advance to practice. The worst dancing at our wedding was the Macarena:)

Shira Salamone said...

What no one else seems to have noticed is the vast cultural divide between this apparently "homemade" wedding and so many Jewish weddings nowadays. The room was low-ceilinged and not particularly fancy. The music was from a recording. From the looks of it, I'd say that the most expensive item at the entire wedding was probably the bride's gown. Compare that to the bazillion-dollar Jewish weddings that are becoming more and more typical. Over a decade ago, I went to a Jewish wedding for which the flowers alone cost $900 (according to the bride).

There's something to be said for a "homemade" wedding. Some of us may think that this dance was a bit much, but hey, everyone enjoyed it. And the whole wedding probably didn't put anyone into debt.

smb said...

Jack, that was hilarious

Jack Steiner said...


I am always one of the guys who helps to carry the chosson and Kallah/Bride and groom around.

At one wedding the bride was terrified of being dropped and made me promise to help carry her.

Well someone has a picture of me doing so, with my head beneath her dress. It was a bit embarrassing. But wedding gowns being what they are there was 7778 yards of fabric between me and her.


Good question. I wonder who organized it.


You make a good point.The ultimate question really is about whether the wedding couple and company enjoyed it

BTW, I am sad to say that $900 is easy to hit and easy to exceed.


Happy to be of service.

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