The Most Popular Story in the Jblogosphere

The Most Popular Story in the Jblogosphere is the Hulk Hogan video about Kashrut. Orieyenta picked up on this last November. But within the last two weeks I have seen the video running on more than 27 Jblogs, including my own.

And that is why I am declaring it to be January's most popular story in the Jblogosphere. If you haven't seen it here it is again.


Sheyna said...

I've seen this around but this is the first time I've watched it. I rather wish someone had told them that kosher not only refers to the state of the food (and all that entails) but also what it's cooked on/with. Without that crucial bit of information, it seems like a big waste of food and money. Plus, they tried and didn't know what questions to ask. It's... unsatisfying.

LT said...

For the record, I think we were one of the first to post it! ;-)

Jack Steiner said...


You are right. It would have been nice it someone had told them.



Jameel @ The Muqata said...

I saw it so many times, it seemed cliched to post it :)

For original content and pictures, see my posting today!

... Is the Window to Our Soul said...
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... Is the Window to Our Soul said...

I've never seen this. That's fantastic.

I myself, just went through that last summer when I wanted to make cupcakes for my daughter's birthday party. I bought kosher mixes, new pans, plastic bowl and plastic silverware to used - only to find out that oops my oven was not kosher. I had no idea about the oven.

A friend's parent was kind enough to make cupcakes for us and all the girls were happy.

Now our oven is kosher - at least the way that everybody told us to do it - and this mikveh thing - what's that? That's new to me.

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