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I Call It My Hand In The Kitchen


Oh My Gawd. Is that REALLY your hand?
either that's a really tiny kitchen or you're a giant.
Anonymous said…
Funny, I always pictured you as much taller.
Stacey said…
I never much cared for modern art. ;)
Where is your wedding band, mister?
Jack Steiner said…

Come closer and I shall smite thee and then we shall see if you still use the term Gawd in vain.


It is hard to find gloves that fit me.


Me too. ;)


You know I was trying to come up with a better title for my post but I just couldn't put my finger on it.




My wedding band? Gee, I am not sure if those guys are still playing together.
Brooke said…
Nice tiles. The hans isn't bad, either!
Deadman said…
I didn't see Hans.
Jack Steiner said…

It is tumbled Travertine.

I didn't see Hans.

That is 'cuz he is flying solo.
JJ said…
Is this your way of saying that you're very handy in the kitchen?