What Do You Like Best About Blogging?

What do you like best about blogging? The floor is open.


Anonymous said...

I like the fact you are free to say what you really think and also the opportunity to communicate with interesting people you wouldn't normaly meet. Ps Last night I thought of you while watching Jay leno when Jack Black came on and he seemed to have a sense of humor exactly like you. Do you like Jay Leno and Jack Black? Do you watch Leno regularly?

TimT said...

Being able to leave words like 'Cunt' in other people's blog comments.

Anonymous said...

For me its the fact I can talk to people from around the world. I live 400kms away from a City. The cows here keep a really lousy level of conversation.
The other thing I like is the transfer of information.

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Deadman said...

I'm with Angry Blogger and Bagel Blogger on the meeting peeps from around the world.

In fact, I might get to meet that cunt TimT in person in the very near future!

Anonymous said...

Although I work as a writer professionally, the blog gives me a chance to put out something creative every day. I also love being my own boss! The blog is completely my own creation.

Unknown said...

What I wrote in my interview: What I love is basically covered in a post I wrote and then published in my school’s paper, Welcome to the J-Blogosphere. It’s great to see that there are people out there who really care – good people – and are trying to affect change and work on the problems that modern-day Judaism faces. It’s great to see that people can (usually) have rational discussion about serious issues. It’s good that people feel comfortable discussing issues which all too often are shoved under the rug. It’s really good to see how people are (usually) brought together by blogs; BeyondBT’s Shabbaton was a great success, for example. And, of course, there’s the opportunity to meet a lot of very impressive, talented, nice people. I’ve met at this point probably about 60-75 bloggers (including about 25 who I knew from before or would have met otherwise). I’ve learned quite a bit from the J-blogosphere, whether from the bloggers themselves, what they write, or the discussions they start. And I’m a better person for it.

Anonymous said...

I like that it forces me to articulate (and sometimes even research) things that are on my mind, questions I have, how I feel about issues of importance to me. And even better - it even offers the possibility of feedback from readers, differing perspectives. People might notice flaws in my logic and set me straight. I might change someone else's mind.

And, in addition to all that, it can be a fun way to pass the time, occasionally cracking jokes and chatting about something trivial. ;-)

C-line said...

It keeps me on my toes. There are friends and family expecting to hear about my experiences and adventures having just graduated from college. And as an asipring writer, I have a free public space to "practice." And lastly, I get to randomly google "Besheret" and end up reading one of the coolest blogs I've come across in ages.

Peace and thanks, Caroline

Anonymous said...

Nobody can interrupt, or say "I heard that one already", or tell their own better version.

have popcorn will lurk said...

'Bragging' about my kids. :) (new post!)

Anonymous said...

I find audible typing very therapeutic. I can neglect good penmanship in favor of good metaphor. I can be Viceroy of my very own colony of readers.

And then web design comes in and frustrates everything. C'est la vie. <3

Jack Steiner said...


I rarely watch Leno. Jack Black and I hang out and drink a lot of coffee. He is a nice guy.


Whatever floats your boat.


Makes sense to me.


I hear Tim is more of a bitch. ;)


There is something nice about creating something of your own.


What is with the cut and paste. You from cleveland. ;) How bout dem Steelers. ;)


Agreed on all accounts.


Practice is so important. I agree with you.


You know I heard the same ;)


I feel your pain.

Anonymous said...

Jumping in late over here. What I really like best is that I can jump straight into conversations about interesting things without tedious small talk, and without the "procedural talk" that I often engage in face-to-face ("HOW long was your labor?" "Chopped meat is on sale WHERE?"). Of course, it is crucial not to confuse blogging with having an actual social life, as tempting as it may sometimes be!

cruisin-mom said...

Hi jack: I love reading what other people think about things...learning new viewpoints. I love talking to people all over the world. What I think I love most is developing friendships with people of all ages. (heck, even Ezzie likes this old lady!)

Jack Steiner said...


Procedural talk. I like that.


The friendships are very nice.

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