Haveil Havalim:Number 97 A Sunday Special

Friends, Romans and Countrymen. Lend Me Your Ears. I don't know about you, but ever since I saw that Our Gang special I have wanted to say that.

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Its Almost Supernatural presents SA Jewish Board Speaks Out.

Reflections of a Rabbi's Wife has a post about what can happen during a Rabbi's Shower. Over at Beyond BT Shoshana told her story.

There is a Chanukah carnival going on. Click here. How about some Bar Mitzvah thoughts.
Dov Bear explains who Timna was.

Chiddush in Our “Beis Medrash” is the title of Yaakov Rosenblatt's column. Rafi G presents vandalism for halachic reasons posted at Life in Israel.

Cross Currents also has a post about Nancy Pelosi's father and The Shoah.

Life of Rubin found that Wal-Mart has all sorts of Interesting Pictures for sale. Conservajew says Chappy Chanukkah Charlie Brownowitz!

Back at Beyond BT there was an interesting post about Being Stuck In The Middle. It really can be applied in many ways. Ask Elster about Machlokes.

Dag asks Who is the big fish in the Kolko case?

Mental Blog has a video of the Big Debate. Some people may live On the Fringe, but they still have important questions to be answered.

Harry Chapin dealt with 30,000 pounds of bananas, but could he handle 1000 Latkes.

Sheyna Galyan presents Lifeline posted at Books and Beliefs. Irina presents Keeping a Low Profile. posted at The IgNoble Experiment, a.k.a. Live Dangerously!.

A Simple Jew presents Tikkunim For Cremation?

Reb Chaim HaQoton presents Eating the Nerve. Dag presents NY Board of health: Metziza Bpeh OK , Trans fat, banned

Elie presents The Tefilos, They Are A'Changing. Muse presents a good tired, thank G-d!. Elisson offered some insight into a Chanukah tradition.

Jerusalem Joe presents Do Feminist Hate Their Children? posted at The Israeli Tikkun Blog, saying, "some thoughts on a new law in the making that will make daycare tax-deductible in israel.


Many bloggers are speaking about Iran Meryl hears Echoes of 1938. Some people should read about Sardari's List. Denial is not a river in Egypt. My Right Word says No Assurance.

Can you imagine a Middle East Peace Conference in which Israel is not invited. At the Judeosphere you can learn about the Perspectives of An Emerging Leader.

Boker Tov Boulder discussed The ripple effect ... of Walt & Mearsheimer.

Ozymandias says that Oil Fuels The Terrorists. And now for a personal perspective on Abortion.

Jimmy Carter finally had someone say it to his face. And now Smooth shows that Jimmy Carter's Book Criticized.

Powerline dealt with this too: Errors, omissions, inventions and falsehoods. At Israpundit you can find The Baker Scam..How Jewish people must answer.

Yitzchak Goodman presents IRNA: "Mojtahedzadeh: Zionists, US neo-conservatives plan to divide Iran".

Jewish Blogmeister presents Turkey film pulled out of US for Anti-Semitism.. posted at Jewish Blogmeister. Gail says It is No Surprise. Did the Democrats meet with Hamas?

Freedom of Speech is being tested again The Colossus has the story: College Republicans in trouble for stomping on flag as well a piece about the Palestinian electorate.

What would John Lennon say/do. Seraphic Secret offers Anti-Semitism, Hollywood Style.
Forget Islamophobia--What About Kafirophobia!


Treppenwitz asks Playing our role again? A recent article at Ha'aretz gave In Context Pause. Elder of Ziyon says that Israel has a Massive PR Failure. Sometimes the chorus surprises you.

Meryl Yourish blogged about a blood libel that is being spread by Palestinian Christians. The Jewish Leadership Blog of Manhigut Yehudit presented Is There An Arab Dictator Nearby Whose Butt I Can Kiss?

bec presents what you should probably not write on your aliyah application... posted at lost in bec's world. Carl in Jerusalem presents More on the Intelligence and Terrorism Information Center report.

Jameel provided a post on A Settler's Olive Tree. Are you Slightly Mad or is there Panic on the Streets of Israel. Rafi G presents Jerusalem the melting pot posted at Life in Israel.

Danny Simkin presents Zionism is not fascism, but could be posted at Samson Blinded. Carl in Jerusalem presents Tell it to Karnit, you moron!.

Rafi G presents soqotd (Stupid Olmert Quote Of The Day) posted at Life in Israel. This sort of Family Affair is just disheartening. Soccer Dad covered the Muslim Charade.

OlehGirl has an opinion About Crocs. The American Thinker says it is In Their Genes.

SnoopyTheGoon presents Good security, an exercise in rudeness or something completely different? and Naughty boy Mahmoud .

Mottel presents The Missing Descendant of the Alter Rebbe posted at Letters of Thought.

Capitulation to terrorism is the title of a post at Israpundit. At Rantings of a Sand Monkey there is a post about Arab Self Esteem as it relates to Israel.

Josh Yuter presents For Crying Out Loud Sammy Benoit presents Is this the Turning Point for The Destruction of Israel ? posted at YID With LID.

Gail presents Wish Her Strength . Read about Hamas' Favorite Terrorists.

Is this the Turning Point for The Destruction of Israel ? posted at YID With LID.

Have you ever seen A Beautiful Sharpshooter. Daled Amos blogged about the kidnapped soldiers: Kidnapped Soldiers Suffered Critical Injuries

Atlas Shrugs covered the establishment of an Israeli-Sudanese fellowship association by a Sudanese human rights activist named Taraji Mustafa.


A Baleboosteh blogged about the stress of surgery for one of her children. The official artist of Haveil Havalim is still producing fractals. Jewish Blogmeister interviewed The Bagel Blogger.

Mark James presents Whether Moon-gods Were The High-gods In South Arabian Religions posted at Yoel Natan.

Shiloh Musings has a new image. That must have happened before she posted this. You'd think that in a place like the West Bank there would be some serious fears. In this case it is nothing more than Fraction Phobia.

MoChassid is telling CD Stories. Sometimes you just feel like dancing. That is why you need Chassidisco Fever.

Do you have Chai Expectations? What would you say if you had to deal with this. The Chick With the Knives Finds Out I Have a Blog. Have you ever been to a Jamaican-Jewish Wedding. Irina presents Ahi posted at The IgNoble Experiment, a.k.a. Live Dangerously!.

Have ever encountered Rockin' Moroccans. Sarah presents Sunny Celebration posted at ~ Sarah's View ~. Jerusalem Joe asks Do Feminists Hate Their Children?
Jewish Blogmeister presents Getting Ready for the Next Jblogger victim Interview! posted at Jewish Blogmeister.

The Shmata Queen wants to know what happened to her, aside from being stuck in cleveland. Watch out there is A Brain On The Loose. It is Muslim Brotherhood week.

DaBoys Have Cartoon Lust. Gail says I Love the Internet. Shifra is making Promises. Sometimes you just have to ASK MR. DEBONAIR.

End notes:

That concludes this edition of Haveil Havalim. As always special thanks to Soccer Dad for starting and maintaining this.

The next host of HH is Yehuda. Send your submissions here.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for the mention Jack, I see you've been rather busy!
Visit: Bagelblogger

AS said...

Thanks for the link...great job as always...

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great job and thanks for the links. I linked back (and asked people to vote for you...)

Baleboosteh said...

Nice work Jack! Well done.

Thanks for including me!

Smooth said...

Thanks for the link, Jack, and congratulations on your nomination. You've got a great blog, I wish you the best.

Anonymous said...

Hmmm...have you seen my blog? :)

BarbaraFromCalifornia said...

Wow! This list is truly extensive and informational.

Jack...Thank you for all your kind words on my blog...I really appreciate them.

Wishing you and your family a Happy Hanukah.

Irina Tsukerman said...

Excellent as always! Thanks for the links!

benning said...

I voted for you and Treppy. Hope you win the award!

Jack Steiner said...


Thank you.


I appreciate your contributions.


Much obliged, thank you.


It is my pleasure.


Thank you too. I enjoy your blog.


Nope, not yet.


Thank you. I wish you and your family a good holiday and nothing but the best for your daughter.




Thank you too.

Batya said...

You did a great job!

Sarah Likes Green said...

great job!

Shira Salamone said...

Thanks for the link! I see I have plenty of catching up to do. When do you sleep? :)

Jack Steiner said...

Batya, Sarah, Shira,



I am a vampire. Don't need any sleep. ;)

tafka PP said...

Voted for you too. Thanks

Jack Steiner said...

Thanks PP.

Anonymous said...

I've tried to comment on a couple of occasions, but I couldn't seem to get things to work for me under my name. So, I have to comment as "anonymous." I'll sign it at the end so you will know who I am.

Thanks for the links and for a terrific issue of HH. Nice work! Oh, and yes, I've been voting for you whenever I remember to head over and vote. Which reminds me...


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