Your Favorite Posts- Greatest Hits of the Blogosphere

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Hello and welcome to the Your Favorite Posts- The Greatest Hits Of The Blogosphere. Before we begin here a couple of comments to share with you. Most bloggers appreciate the interaction between themselves and their readers.

With the exception of The Shmata Queen every blogger that I have ever spoken with has told me that they really appreciate receiving comments on their posts, especially those posts that they feel very good about. Yet, the funny thing about blogging is that sometimes our best work is overlooked.

And that is where this comes in. It is a chance for our greatest hits to see a little sunshine again. Or if you want to go with a different analogy, it is similar to a reunion tour put on by an aging rock band. It is just one more chance to repackage the old stuff and try to sell a few more albums.

Anyway, without further ado I am happy to present Your Favorite Posts- The Greatest Hits of The Blogosphere.

Outside the Box
: Summer jobs

Since I’ve bought my camera, I’ve been approaching total strangers and asking permission to photograph them. I’ve even had some “business” cards printed with the URL of my blog. When I ask permission to take a photo, I give the person a card.

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Sarah's View: Behind The Smile

My blog is a creative outlet so along with the mostly positive and happy things there is the odd melancholy post.
While I do prefer expressing things through images, photographs & designs sometimes only the words can truly express a feeling. Usually these attempts get written down, forgotten or thrown out. Not this time!

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Here is something many bloggers aspire to do.

Yaldah Publishing: The Birth of a Book Part 1

"It all started on Thursday, July 28, 2005.

I received an e-mail with the subject “submission/query.” It wasn’t the first query I’d received, but it was the first one that caught my attention. Why?"

To read it all click here.
Am Echad? עם אחד?: The Miracle of Israel

"In the seven weeks of being an Israeli citizen, I can firmly say that I have discovered the miracle of Israel. The miracle of Israel is -- drum roll please -- that anything gets done and that this country keeps running. Is it because of the security situation that I say this?

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Knockin' On The Golden Door: Pay Now, Die Later

"I was reminded this morning of something that really pissed me off on my last flight.

It used to be that you could request a bulkhead seat for extra legroom, and all you had to do was be willing and able to assist others in the event of an emergency.

I have no problem with that. In fact, I..."

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Judeopundit: Some thoughts on Anti-Zionism and Anti-Semitism

"I think it makes sense to separate the word "Anti-Zionism" from the word "Anti-Semitism." The latter term refers to hostility or prejudice directed at the Jewish people. We tend often to identify "Anti-Zionism" with "Anti-Semitism" because..."

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The Hall of the Goblin King: An Old-New-Age Judaism

"R' Micha Berger has a very interesting post over on his Aspaqlaria blog, about differences between the Semitic (=Jewish, Eastern) and Yefetic (=Greek, Western) perspectives on the world."

To read it all click here.
Bagel Blogger: Bodgey Bagels Caption Contest Number 4

Click here to see the entrants.

The Grouchy Old Bear couldn't come out of hibernation long enough to pick one post so he sent over a bunch of links and this comment.

"Sorry, can i have one for every 500 posts? 2500 posts gives me 7 favorites."

and my response

Ok, I have more than 4,000 posts, this should help. ;)

From DovBear:
Why the J-Blogosphere Matters
This is not a complaint about my wife
In Praise of Men
On Baseball in General, and Pesach in Particular
12 Tribes, 70 Faces, Pluralism in Judaism
NY's Funniest Rabbi offers a three parter:

My Name Is Natah, My Name Is Natah 2 and My Name Is Natah - Last Installment.
pearlies of wisdom: Bloggers... A Class of Their Own

"Class, I'm TorontoPearl, and today I will be your substitute teacher."

Boos and hisses, grumbles and mumbles can be heard.

"Where's the regular teacher? Why is she missing? Did she give you a hint as to what she's up to?"

To read it all click here.
westbankblog: On Holocaust Remembrance Day, M16's, and a New Respect for Veterans

"Four years ago, during the intermediate days of Passover, a terrorist broke into the Gavish home in Elon Moreh and killed four members of the family. After analyzing the details of the incident, the army came to the conclusion..."

To read it all click here.

Thar be Harry Potter news below. Arrr!
Soccer Dad: I asked her for some happy news and The way back machine and the israeli palestinian conflict
Elie's Expositions: Of Wallets and Wonders

"It already feels like Pesach has been over for months. It's hard to believe that just two weeks ago, we were still just conducting the second seder - or starting chol hamoed for those in Israel. But if you would, allow me to turn time back just a bit and relate a incident that happened to me on"

To read it all click here.
Daled Amos: Driving to Cincy With Disney

"This past Motzei Shabbos, we loading up the van and off we went to Cincinnati to visit family. We generally average about 12 hours drive time, so this time around we borrowed a portable DVD player from a friend to keep our 6 year old daughter "occupied". We brought along a selection of good wholesome DVD's for her to watch--mostly..."

To read it all click here.
I haven't inserted too many comments in here, but this next one is begging for it. The mystery blogger asks Am I flipping Out? With a blog name like PsychoToddler what do you think. ;)

Why don't you decide. Read The Year In Review and let him know what you think.

In less than three years of blogging I have more than 4,000 posts. It is fair to say that I am prolific. A while back I stumbled onto a blogger who seems intent on surpassing that. I have to give him credit because the quality of his posts is quite good. Check out the situation.
Israel Matzav: A history lesson, Studies in despair and

YNet tries to figure out why Yigal Amir stays in the public light.

"This ignores reality, and is not going to change anyone's mind. If I believed that Yigal Amir murdered Yitzchak Rabin, I would be all in favor of locking him up for life, and I believe that 99.9% of the country (or more) would agree with that. The problem is that I am far from convinced that Amir had a fair trial or that he committed the murder.

For those of you who are close-minded, stop reading now and leave - you won't listen anyway."

To read it all click here.
The Muqata: IDF purchases mezuzot with American military aid money.

"Thankfully, the IDF is now making a sound military investment and is installing mezuzot in the Ministry of Defense. And since the money is coming from..."

To read it all click here.
Shiloh Musings: Deals Will Be Deals

"Avigdor Lieberman of Yisrael Beteinu is denying that he made a deal with the Likud Party."

To read it all click here.
Last April there was a discussion here at the Shack that touched upon Jewish superheroes. I am not the only fan of comic books.
Seraphic Secret: Superman & Me

"As a kid growing up in Brooklyn, one of life's greatest pleasures was saving up my allowance and buying what I wanted with it--and there was only one thing I ever wanted--"

To read it all click here.
SimplyJews: A new solution to excessive femininity

"Oops, this was a mistake. The Elders are not of the studying type, being as they are more of an outdoorsy, pro-active field operatives' style. That is, unless it is about..."

To read it all click here.
The Ignoble Experiment: I am Alive


My Dead

“Only the dead don’t die”

Only they are left me,..."

To read it all click here.

Walking on Fire: Achdut

cast through a river of fire
eternally reverberating impressions orienting
into time
something essential, something true
blended together as one
igniting with life
a metamorphosis divine
some celestial darkness into endless light

Achdut on my website with music and dancing hebrew letters made of empty spaces.

To read it all click here.
Jewish Atheist: Memories of an Orthodox High School Romance

When I first saw her, I already had a girlfriend. She was so different -- small and tan, her slightly Asiatic features making her exotic among the other..."

To read it all click here. Or perhaps you might enjoy:

How I Left Orthodoxy

The names may be similar but they both have their own styles. The thing is that this next blogger is kind of shy and a little hesitant to share his thoughts. ;)

Sweet Rose: Lines and Ladders

"There is a person in my life right now, that every time I talk to him, he gives me something to think about. Sometimes it is about something I have read, sometimes it is about human nature, sometimes life in general, sometimes it is about my own life. The last category are the ones that keep me up at night."

To read it all click here. Or perhaps you'd like to read about an adventure.

"2) People from Cleveland rock. (That's for Ezzie, and Jack.)"

I don't know about that...Click here to read the story.
Raggedy Mom: On Children

As the year progresses with Ann in preschool, it is bittersweet to see her make friends, become attached to her morahs (teachers) and generally be . .

Click here to read the story.
A Mother in Israel: Yawn

"As in so many parenting articles, the author of this one presents a false dichotomy. Either you admit that you..."

Click here to read the story.

And for those of you who live life on the fringe of society here are a couple more.


“Would you take your only son . . .?” Or perhaps you might be interested in a series on raising a child with disabilities. Take a look at:

Park your ego at the door: Links to my series “On raising a child with disabilities”
Everyone needs a good adventure.

A bit of Light:Our Adventure

"We tried to get off, but the flight attendant wouldn't let us. It was too late. We were stuck and going to...."

Click here to read the story.
Editor's Note: I mulled over whether I should include any of my own posts here. The hardest part is trying to decide which posts to highlight. On the right side of the page I have set up a few drop down menus that list some of my personal favorites. Feel free to peruse that, there is some good stuff in there. It is a mix of serious and the not so serious.
And there you have it, the first and possibly only edition of this particular roundup. There are some excellent posts here. If you liked this and want to see it continue let me know.


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