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My Confession For This Morning

I like my son's toothpaste better than my own.


And what kind might that be, if I may ask?

By the way, you changed your name from Jack Shack to Jack? Any reason, or just wanted something simpler?
Stacey said…
It can't be better than my Cinnamon Burst Crest. YUM!
Janet said…
I havent tried your son's toothpaste, but I'm gonna go ahead and agree with you anyway. I remember going to the dentist as a child. They had so many cool flouride flavors. Now the choices are a lot less exotic and a lot more BO-RING.
Jack Steiner said…
Hi Barbara,

Just posted about it.


Too tangy.


Boring is right. Dullsville.
LOL. My daughter like the cinammon crest better than kids' toothpaste!