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Love Makes You Feel Alive

Can I share an experience with you. I want you to take my virtual hand and spend a moment or two walking down a quiet virtual highway with me. Take a couple of moments to compose yourself. Turn down the lights and get comfortable. I need you to be able to concentrate.

Imagine you are lying in bed. The room is so dark that it is hard to see the silhouette of your own body. There is a loud rumble overhead that is joined by the relaxing pitter-patter of rainfall. You are not alone. There is a person lying next to you. Their touch is electric. Their presence simultaneously sends your pulse racing and your spirit soaring.

Do you remember what it feels like to be kissed so hard it takes your breath away. Do you remember what it feels like to have your heart pound so loudly you are sure that it might burst from your chest. That electric tingle that makes your knees go weak.

The certainty that this single moment will last for an eternity. An endless night in which your companion's soft and rhythmic breathing lulls you to sleep.


Anonymous said…
I do remember... but then I got married. ;)
Stacey said…
What Miriam said. ;)
Jack Steiner said…

I sense some sort of Texas connection. Ok, I don't sense anything. I don't see dead people and I don't see through the haze of the burning river.

pepper pike
benning said…
I remember, Jack. But she left me. *sigh*