Which Meat is Scarier?

Treppenwitz blogged about scary meat today. Allow me to indulge your inner Lazar Wolf with a question, which of these meats is scarier?

You make the call.

This one:

Or This One:

Credit for second shot found here.


westbankmama said...

I really hope this isn't the beginning of a really disgusting meme...

Irina Tsukerman said...


The first one is creepy enough, but the second one really takes the cake. And if you combine it with the recent discussion in my property law class about your right to your own body and the possibility of cutting off your own body parts and keeping in the fridge... I think I'm going to have nightmares from this one!

Anonymous said...

Ohmigod, the smash-face is the worst. But I would honestly have trouble making a bologna sandwich with the other stuff.

Sarah Likes Green said...

ditto on the nightmares. meat should not look like anything other than meat.

Anonymous said...

you are a very bad man :))) stay safe

Jack Steiner said...


I'll let you know if I meat up with it. ;)


That sounds like a pretty interesting lesson.


Condiments make all the difference.


In the end it is all the same. ;)


Yes I am.

benning said...

Ohhhhh, yech! Geeeeezzzz!

Jack, you must be off your meds!


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