A Secret For My Children

I have a game that I play each day with my children. It is a game, but it is one that I take quite seriously.

Each day I ask my children if they want to know a secret. And each time I ask they come running over to me and sit in my lap. You just never know what little nugget of wisdom dad might share this time.

In a very soft voice I whisper "The Secret is" and then I pause. Almost invariably their tiny faces look at me attentively and I finish the sentence with these words:

"I Love You."

Oftentimes my son will issue a sigh of exasperation and say "I already know that secret." That is part of the game in which he pretends to be irritated.

So you ask, what is the point of the game. The point is this. I want to do everything I can to ensure that my children never ever doubt my deep and abiding love for them.

Life can be quite cruel. Life can be hard and it can be tough. There will come moments of self doubt in which they question themselves. There will come moments in time in which they go on their own search for answers.

Right now I am trying to help provide them with a rock that will always be there to cling to. When things seem darkest I want them to be able to look inside and remember the love of their father. It is part of why I take blessing my children so very seriously.

On a side note I am waiting for the day when one of them tells me that it is not a secret. And with that allow me to bid you a good evening from paradise.


BarbaraFromCalifornia said...

What a great secret to share with them!

Shoshana said...

That may not be a secret, but it's so important and beautiful that you share it with them so often. I hope that some day they will look back and realize with great appreciation such a gift.

Pragmatician said...

Smart educational move!
Why indeed do so many keep it a sceret?

Jack Steiner said...

Hi Barbara,

Thank you.

Hello Shoshana,

Me too.

Hi Prag,

Good question.


Smart man. ;)

PsychoToddler said...

I have a secret:

(I do the same thing)

Politically Homeless said...

I like the idea of that secret. I may use that myself!

Have a great Labor Day weekend!

cruisin-mom said...

Jack, you made me teary...how sweet.

Jack Steiner said...


Your father sounds like a smart man.


You're pretty smart too. ;)


Feel free to use it an happy Labor day to you too.


Don't tell anyone about my softer side, it will ruin my image.

JJ said...

I do the same thing, and my kids usually give me the same answer! But I wouldn't stop doing it for anything :-)

MC Aryeh said...

A secret worth repeating...

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