The Ginsu Knife

Ladies and gentlemen old Jack is a very happy man today. And if you are of a certain age you might even understand why.

The simple reason behind my joy is because I finally picked up my own Ginsu Knife. It took more than 30 years, but I finally got "the kitchen cutting tool that can "cut through a nail, a tin can and a radiator hose and still slice a tomato paper thin."

The story of the Ginsu Knife is one that I enjoy because it reminds me of my childhood. There is so much campy kitschy stuff tied up in this and the Ginsu Knife is right at the center of it. Thanks to the magic of the Internet I even discovered some relevant material.

This website provides a decent background on the people who developed the Ginsu Knife. I love this part:
"In fact, many of their colorful, "catch phrases" ("But wait, there's more", "Isn't that amazing", "Now how much would you pay?" Don't answer!", "Act now and you'll also receive...", "It'll slice onions so fast that there isn't time to cry," etc.) are still remembered, used, and parodied today."
I am guilty of using a bunch of those old lines. I am tempted to offer up a confession about when and where, but think that I just might save that for later.

I'd write more, but I am on hold with the Flowbee people now. Just take a look at this fine piece of salon equipment and tell me that you aren't jealous.

Ok, here is a different confession than the one I considered making above. I used to wonder if there was a way to use the old "Flowbee" as a tool for pranks. The juvenile in me wondered if I could just walk up to someone and vacuum up a little chunk o'hair.

Back in the days of mullets and big hair it had a very funny feel to it. I suppose that you can see clear evidence of my love for slapstick comedy. Of course if that was ever really done I might be slapped with a stick, so it is probably best left to my imagination.

But wait! There is more.........


JJ said...

Wow, you're really taking me back (even though you're so much older than I am ;-)

The Ginsu Knife, all those commercials for Ronco products... remember that microphone- "Hey good looking, we'll be back to pick you up later!"

Val said...

congrats! ;)

Jack Steiner said...

Ronco- I think that the guy's name is Ron Popeil, or something like that.

I always wanted that microphone.

Elie said...

And who can forget the great beginning of the Ginsu TV commercials:

"In Japan, the hand can be used as a knife." [scene of man karate-chopping a board in half]

"But this doesn't work for a tomato!" [same man smooshes tomato with hand]

In college I wrote a parody of that commercial for the radio station, as follows:

"In the YU Karate Club, the hand can be used a knife."

"But this doesn't work for a bris!"

Jack Steiner said...


Not bad.

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