A Confession- Sometimes I Sing These Songs When I Am Alone

Ok, so here is my confession of the moment. Sometimes I find myself singing children's songs to myself. I am willing to bet that I am not the only parent who does this.

Thanks to the magic of YouTube I can share a few with you. Fortunately I never did buy the Pseudo-Star Trek costume.


Sarah Likes Green said...

catchy songs!

i'm not a parent but i still sometimes sing kids songs... it's not something you forget easily, years and years of watching sesame street!

(and thanks for the 'wubba' clip, i hadn't seen that one before and i thought our family friends were making up weird random words when it's really from there they learnt it!)

Jack Steiner said...

Hi Sarah,

That Wubba song is especially catchy.

Bsnist said...

I have fond memories of my cousin visiting and singing Monster in the Mirror with my then 2 y.o. daughter!

I have REALLY tired of The Wiggles... I didn't even tell my kids they came through this summer. We have not missed them in FOUR summers. The first year, we met them and they all autographed a Wiggles ball cap. I have pictures of my family with the Wiggles! They were SO gracious and kind!

That was right before they got on the Disney Channel. Then they got REALLY popular, and that was the end of the meet-and-greets and the autographs.

The hot show in our house right now is Wonder Pets... It really is adorable. Each show is a mini-opera, and the music is composed by Broadway composers. :)

We let the kids stay up last night to watch a Blue Man Group special on PBS last night... heh heh heh... I'm going to post video of my 3 y.o. Blue Man dancing!

Jack Steiner said...


The Blue Man group? I am shocked. ;)

Rebecca said...

I'm so excited about that grover video. We listen to that song all the time and it's forever stuck in my head, now I actually get to see the video, wooohooo!

Rebecca said...

ditto on the wiggles. I love the dance moves!

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