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Three Days in Israel- Graphic Images

This is a very powerful video that shows you what happens after a suicide bombing. May we all live to witness a real and true peace.

Be forewarned, it is graphic and disturbing.


Baleboosteh said…
What a powerful video indeed.

Right now, in this box, I have typed and deleted a number of things that I feel and want to say, but besides saying that I feel incredible sadness and anger after watching that, I am lost for words...
It really does make a difference on the pysche. I tried to watch it all, but I just couldn't.
Val said…
i am speechless with tears in my eyes.
Dear lord, hear our prayers.
Jack, when was this taken and are these several different bombings?
Elster said…
That was too much to watch all the way through, even for an unsquemish person like me.
There haven't been many things that can make me go from zero to sobbing in 2 seconds, but that was one of them. And I couldn't watch it all either. Yes, you posted a warning.

Then I had a terrifying nightmare last night that I found my beautiful little girl dead in the bathtub. Never in my life was I so grateful to wake up. What a horrific thing for anyone to have feel for real- it felt so real that thinking about it makes me want to hug my sleeping kids again. :( Ugh, it was so awful.
Jack Steiner said…

It is one of those videos that leaves you speechless.


It is not easy to watch.


From your mouth to G-d's ears.


I am not sure when it was taken, but I believe that they are pictures of multiple bombings.

The final scene is of Shalhevet Pass.


It is a terrible thing, but we need to remember who we are dealing with.
Unknown said…
I'm not a squeamish person. I only made it about 2 minutes.

I think this should be forced viewing for certain people.
Anonymous said…
I saw this video a week ago and could not watch it again. The depravity of the suicide bombers is unthinkable. There are really no words to describe.

The human cost of the victims and their families needs to be shown to all those who support these inhuman terrorists.
OMG - Shalhevet Pass - wasn't she a baby killed in her father's arms? Most of the homicide bombings and murders I cannot tell apart, but I will never forget when that happened.
Jack Steiner said…

It is hard to see, but it is important as it helps to remind people who we are fighting and why it is so important.




torontopearl said…
I watched the entire video late last night, as heartrending as it was. For some reason, I thought it going to be a campaign for Magen David Adom, and waited to see the end.
All those images truly depict the face of terrorism and its impact on all our lives.
Romach said…

Forced myself to watch the entire thing.
Jack Steiner said…
Hi Pearl,

It is frightening to think how quickly a life can be forever changed.


Wow is an apt description. Words aren't powerful enough.
a pessimist said…
this is terrorism.
I wish they would show things like this at the UN when the Arabs talk about the human rights crimes that Israel perpertrate agains the "deffencless"alestinians.
Bravo 2-1 said…
"We hope you will never have to know..."

Unfortunately the education is spreading: Israel, Iraq, Egypt, Bali, America, India, Spain, England, Jordan...

Just a partial list.
Absolutely horrifying. I am absolute terrified of ever going on a bus in Jerusalem again.
Trias said…
Very graphic. I feel kind of sick right now.
Rebecca said…
I guess I never listen to warnings. Even my husband saw me about to watch it and warned me not to. I did anyway amd although majorly disturbed and saddened by it, I'm glad I did. It's the same thing I felt in poland. You want to shield yourself from it but you have to look. You have to know the evil in this world. Otherwise you will never be able to make it stop
Lyss said…
Holy sh*t. Could not make it all the way through. Alternative media broadens our world... and what a Gloabl Village we live in (What would Marshall McLuhan do?).
Anonymous said…
Jack Steiner said…
If you want to see the video you can find it here
Jack Steiner said…
If you want to see the video you can find it here
Anonymous said…
ok, im not criticizing the movie or anything, but its not as horrific as you guys say it is. Im not squemish and that was not squemish, it was disgusting, but not to the point that makes me want to stop watching it.
Jack Steiner said…

It is not just watching the movie, it is knowing people that were murdered and knowing that the murderers would kill you too.

It is personal.
Anonymous said…
I don't get how people can view this and use it in their argument for who is right or wrong when this kind of destruction has happened on both sides. It's both hypocritical and irrational to contemplate feeling anything but sadness over this waste of life in general. Anger though? Bah.. Take a good look at yourself if you can use this to justify more war.
Jack Steiner said…
I don't get how people can view this and use it in their argument for who is right or wrong when this kind of destruction has happened on both sides.

You have a real problem if you can equate the intentional targeting of innocents with military operations.

There is no moral equivalency.