Obsession: What The War on Terror Is Really About

This movie explores what all Radical Islamic Extremists, who only make up 10%-15% of the Muslim population, are really trying to do, and how. You have to see this movie to get a real prespective of the problems we have in the world.


FrumWithQuestions said...

Where do you get the number that only 10-15 percent of Muslims are radical?? I would guess the number would be much higher.

A Free Man said...

I loved this! Although I would say any 'good' Muslims is a bad person and any 'bad' muslim could be normal person.

10-15%? Well that still means anything from 100 to 200 million people!

Lots of people to kill!

Jack Steiner said...


The movie makers found that number. I don't know where they acquired it.


It is worth watching a couple of times.

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