80's Music

Thanks to Gail I can bring you music from your past. And just for the heck of it here is a random selection of songs and my thoughts.

This one used to leave a bunch of the girls in tears, don't know if it was because they liked it or didn't like it. But they were Big In Japan.

Of course there was the standard tune they used to sing Havdalah to

And who can forget the men who made their guitars sound like bagpipes

Somewhere Martha Quinn is smiling


Jerusalemcop said...

brings back memories

Thanks Jack


Sarah Likes Green said...

the remake of the alphaville song has been at number one here in australia for weeks! doesn't matter how old, it's a good song :)

Jack Steiner said...


No prob.


I don't want to think about how old this song is because I am only 20. ;)

BarnGoddess_01 said...

the 80's were my day! I still have sorta big hair but threw out the flashdance ripped shirts and lace Madonna gloves....

Shelli said...

thanks for the flash back.

Much appreciated!

I'll now have songs that I simply CANNOT get out of my head, followed shortly by their friends from the land down under.

I think I'll go make a vegamite sandwich...

and yeah, that song did make me cry. damn.

Jack Steiner said...


Big Hair never really leaves. ;)


It is my pleasure. Should I hum the Bunny Hop. That'll stick with you. ;)

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