You Asked Me To Blogroll You

Sometimes it makes sense to link to some older comments about recurring issues. And so I bring to you comments from a post I wrote earlier this year.
Obsessed With the Blogroll

If you have been blogging for any length of time you probably have received an email from another blogger asking for you to blogroll them. Sometimes they phrase it differently and offer you a reciprocal link exchange.

Either way the question is still the same, "will you blogroll me?" They want a link on your site that can be used by your readers to find their blog.

I am a bit of a prickly and at times moody fellow so these requests haven't always fallen upon receptive ears. Sometimes I have just done it and sometimes I don't even bother to consider it.
I bring this up because in the past two weeks or so I have received requests from several bloggers in which they asked me to blogroll them. In these cases I figured WTF and just did it. There wasn't any rhyme or reason to it, I just did it.

And then I waited to see if they blogrolled me and guess what? They didn't. I gave them some time to get it done and then I just nuked them off of the old blogroll.

Call it petty. Call it juvenile, call it detroit basketball. But it just irked me to receive an email in which someone told me that they liked my blog and wanted to trade links.

I don't expect or need everyone to like my blog. I hope that many people do and that this leads to me making 17 billion dollars, but I don't expect or need it to. I just don't like being lied to.

And now I'll return to my junior high antics in which I pull your hair, make crank calls and play ding dong ditch.


lxr23g56 said...

Hey now that you mention it, would you mind adding me to your blog roll?

Lol, Just Kidding, although I think I may have added you yesterday not that that means you need to add me or anything like that. I'm not even hinting or suggesting that it might be nice if you did, because really I'm not. I did however here that you are a really nice guy, and would probably love to blog roll my site, but again, like I said, I'm not asking!

LOL, I bet I'm the only person who's going to be laughing at the above and that would be sad if this wasn't usually the case, but alas, it is and so I'm used to it.

Anyhow all kidding aside, I came across your blog yesterday, actually Tamara Eden (who by the way, you have Blog Rolled, not that I'm really paying attention to such things) e-mailed me a link to your blog because she knew it was something I'd be interested in.

You've got an interesting and eclectic thing going on here, thanks for sharing.

Oh and thanks for dropping by (I think that was you) and commenting on my court date, I appreciate it.

Ezzie said...

My response to those who ask: I'll check out your blog, if I like it for long enough, I may remember to blogroll you.

If they've already blogrolled me, then it makes it more likely I will do so in return, though it's no guarantee. Those e-mailers are often just desperate for links - if you haven't seen them commenting, they probably just stumbled and saw your email address.

I'm Haaretz, Ph.D. said...

yeah yeah... what do you know about recip-blogrolling?

... Is the Window to Our Soul said...

oh Jack...well at least you are being honest. I just never felt comfortable asking one to do that, but wtf...hey, will you blogroll me? : )

Anonymous said...

Hey, your blog is cool! I really like what you have to say, you are funny and creative-

As for the quid pro quo stuff, you have every right to expect that if someone asks you to blogroll them, they better blogroll you back. Common courtesy.

cruisin-mom said...

Sometimes you just have to be patient and you will get blogrolled eventually (I speak from experience)'s much more fun to see that someone has added you without asking.

Ray Bridges said...

Of course, I'm flattered when someone blogrolls me. I don't usually notice if I've been blogrolled by someone I don't know, and I don't check to see if someone I've blogrolled reciprocates. It's a personal rule with which I'm comfortable. If someone interacts with me, I will notice if they've blockrolled me. If they don't interact with me it could be months that I notice. In a flattering way, yeah, otherwise no. It's complicated, donchathink?

Jack Steiner said...


Thanks for the kind words I appreciate it. Good luck with the Beit Din. Come by again.


There are a lot of desperate people out there. I forget how many tried to escape the Akron-cleveland area,


It is not an impossibility.


You have been blogrolled here for a while now.


Sometimes I take it all too seriously.


Patience is underrated. If someone hangs out here and participates I almost always blogroll them.


It is like all interactions with people,

Anonymous said...

When I get these emails, I first check to see their blog. If I am not blogrolled, I tell them to feel free to email me again after I am on theirs. Unless their blog is somehow inappropriate, in which case, I do not respond.

I do not have a problem adding blogs to my blogroll, but I'm with you on this one. Don't expect me to blogroll you if you haven't already blogrolled me.

[this is not to say that all blogs on my blogroll have me on theirs. I include two types of blogs on mine:
1. Those I actually read and enjoy, irregardless of whether they read or enjoy mine
2. Those who have me on theirs, and either I notice this, or they specifically ask to be included.]

Jack Steiner said...

I include two types of blogs on mine:
1. Those I actually read and enjoy, irregardless of whether they read or enjoy mine
2. Those who have me on theirs, and either I notice this, or they specifically ask to be included.]

That makes sense to me.

Bonnie B said...

Someone would actually ask you to blogroll them? Oh that is tacky.
Don't be offended tikkunger-- I love your tackiness. You are so funny.
BTW How do you blogroll? I always thought it was like doing lunch with another blogger-- hey, I'm new to blogging.

I'm Haaretz, Ph.D. said...

atta boy Jack- you learn fast :)

Just messing with you! I'd keep coming back even if you hadn't linked to me. Truly though, blogrolling is way over rated. The point is that people like what you read, they return often and comment with something interesting. I value good readers and commentors way more than a link.

... Is the Window to Our Soul said...

You did - wow, I guess I should pay more attention to your blogroll.

Like any funny commercial, I only remember the creative stuff and not the actual product - ok maybe that analogy doesn't really fit here. Ok, nevermind, but hey thanks! (Btw, I was just goofing, you know, about asking you to blogroll me) : )

Anonymous said...

I never asked you to blogroll me because, well, I see the kind of shady characters who frequent your site, and... It's just better this way.

Thanks for understanding. ;-)

Jack Steiner said...


Check out


I'll try and make a stop over at your dad's place.

Just messing with you! I'd keep coming back even if you hadn't linked to me.

Don't worry about it. If I didn't want to do it, I wouldn't have.


Same thing.


Feel free to ask. I'll send over the usual contract. ;)

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