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When Elves Go Bad


Oleh Yahshan said…
I love it,
although something tells me this is another case of "Bordem in the IDF". when not protecting our country they are busy being silly - I love Tzahal
Soccer Dad said…
I had a slightly different idea: I was wondering if this was the Palestinian version of "The Lonely Death of Jordy Verrill." Or maybe he's just waiting for the lord of the tree frogs :-)
Jack Steiner said…



Actually I think that is a knucklehead who is looking for an opp to kill us, but I could be wrong.


The Bishop of Bullfrog is always available. ;)
Jerusalemcop said…

not someone from tzahal.

the uniform, gun and arabic writing all spell that out.

great title Jack. he does look like a elf gone bad.