Things That Irritate Me About Bloggers

This is an incomplete list and is strictly stream of consciousness.
  1. Blogs that are riddled with spelling and grammatical errors. It drives me nuts. I blog at a frantic pace and make few mistakes relative to the amount of content I produce but I am embarrassed by every missed comma, errant word etc.
  2. Blogs that are illegible because of font size/color or an idiotic need to wRIte LIke tHis.
  3. Bloggers who never respond to comments on their blogs or elsewhere. You don't have to be everywhere, but it is nice to show that you are not comatose.
  4. Bloggers that are not open to new ideas or concepts.
  5. Blogs that are populated by people who do nothing but insult and bash others. Look, I like, no love a good insult and am known to get off on infantile behavior but even I like to have the odd intelligent discussion.
  6. Splogs, or Spamblogs as they are known in some circles.
That is it for now.


Lady-Light said...

REALLY interesting. I value my knowledge of language and grammar, and initially spent much time refining and checking my posts as to correct spelling and grammar. I also have a problem with misspelled words, un-dotted "i"s and un-crossed "t"s (I probably should have placed the esses before the quotation marks, no?) (see, now I'm getting self-conscious!)
I have come to a slightly different conclusion, however; blogging is not expository writing, but more informal, like a personal conversation between two (or more) people. Conversationally, we don't worry about run-on or fragmented sentences or dangling participles. It is almost beginning to seem inapropriate to capitalize at the beginnings of sentences. Right now I am torn about this, but leaning towards leniency (pun intended)!
-Your opinion?

Lady-Light said...

(here's a sample of leniency)
forgot to add: i like color and font styles, and mixing them in the same post. it makes for variety and peaks my interest. sometimes.
Now, back to normal; I try to respond to every or close to every comment which is posted on my blog (which is now having technical problems, btw). So, comment, and I will try to respond!

Jack Steiner said...

Hi LL,

The beauty of blogging is that it offers so many different avenues in which we can express ourselves.

To me that affords the opportunity to be formal and or informal as the case allows.

You are correct within informal speech the rules are relaxed and we don't pay as much attention to them as we do within print.

But print is a different medium and without verbal and facial cues it is much more difficult to recognize changes in emphasis, such as sarcasm.

Anonymous said...

I worry sometimes that color-blind people can't read my blog. Let me know if that's so.

Unknown said...

Heh. Only one I'd wonder about is responding to comments on other blogs... I often lose track of where I left comments, and never see the response (or at least not for a while). The rest... perfecto.

Soccer Dad said...

I'm not great about responding to comments. But I'm as likely to do it by e-mail as through the comments.

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