The Son Asks & The Father Answers

I love the natural curiosity of children. Maybe it is because of my own curious nature. Throughout the day I come up with a ton of questions about all sorts of things around me. Needless to say I am not surprised that my son has his own questions.

Yesterday he hit me with a whole bunch of new questions. Here is a sample:
  1. Why do bees sting?
  2. Do ladybugs bite?
  3. When are we going to die?
  4. Why was pharoah not nice?
  5. Do girls want a penis?
  6. Why don't girls have a penis?
  7. Why can't I eat french fries for breakfast?
  8. Where does King Kong go potty?
  9. Why don't I play basketball with the Lakers?
I answered all of them, but I can't say that they were spectacular answers. They served for the moment, but I expect him to revisit them soon.


Michael said...

I would really love to hear your answers.


Where does King Kong go potty?

Take Care

... Is the Window to Our Soul said...

He should join Talia's science blog. Those are great questions.

My daughter's recent question was "Mommy, why do you think you are the boss? You are always telling us and daddy what to do?" Well, that was quite easy to answer - because I'm the mommy.

Though this isn't a question, I thought you might enjoy the humor in it, considering all your potty stories. The other night, both my daughter and her cousin, were in the backseat of the car, comparing who's father stinks up the bathroom the most upon leaving it. I was cracking up. Where do they come up with these things?

StepIma said...

I want to know your answers too.

Jack Steiner said...

Ok, here are some abridged answers:

1) Bees sting to protect themselves.

2) Ladybugs bite aphids.

3) A long time from now.

4) Because some people feel small inside and to feel better they make other people feel small.

5) Yes, they have penis envy. ;)

6) Because they aren't lucky enough to be boys. ;)

7) I said no and sometimes that is just enough- besides you want to grow tall not wide.

8) Anywhere he wants to.

9) I don't want to embarrass them.

Anonymous said...

Questions I too ponder.... Why don't I play basketball with the Lakers?

My stepkids often preface their questions with warnings, such as: "Mirty, are you good at physics?" (I say, "NO! Go ask your father!")

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