My Very Own Bonsai Kitty

Some years ago I got into Bonsai trees. I think that they are beautiful. There is something very cool about them. Here are some examples of some for your review.

It is not easy to make a proper Bonsai Tree. There is a lot of time and skill involved.
Nothing good comes easily, so it was easy for me to devote some time and energy to learning a new craft. Over the course of a number of years my skills improved and I was able to nurture my talent and turn it into new areas.

Thanks to my hard work and a lot of blodd sweat and tears I finally figured out what cats and kittens are good for.

And now I present to you my own Bonsai Kitty, Mr. Whiskers. He doesn't need a kitty litter box, he doesn't scratch up the furniture and he requires a minimal amount of care. Just a little water and some sunlight and good old Mr. Whiskers is a happy dude.


Bill said...

Yes but can it pur and keep your feet warm while you watch television?

stc said...

You're standing on a slippery slope, Jack. Next thing you know you'll share your home with three cats and every other post will be a "cute kitty" photo.

Jack Steiner said...


Nope, but it makes a great baseball.


Feh, fie on that.

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