Dreams Fulfilled and Unfulfilled

I really should be responding to the comments. I have blogged about this before. I still maintain that the most time consuming part of blogging is responding to comments. If you want to garner decent traffic it is also one of the most important things that you can do.

Typically I try to reply in the evening. The challenge with doing so is that sometimes I find that I am just so tired that it is tough to blog and reply. It is not really fair, but sometimes fatigue wins and I don't respond or I give a very short reply. Nonetheless I very much appreciate the comments, thank you for your time. It is appreciated.

On the subject of dreams there is always the question of how to fulfill those. What do you do to turn fantasy into reality. How do you bring the image in your head to life. Are you someone who is more content to dream or are you resourceful enough to turn fiction to fact.

At my nephew's bris some friends of my parents looked at my kids and laughed. They called my son and daughter forces of nature, little tornados of activity and then told me that they remember me the same way. My mother has said the same thing. I didn't hold still. I was constantly in motion.

Some of that has changed, now you'll find me in a stationary position for extended periods of time. My mind is a different story. It doesn't shut down, it is always moving. If you could see inside my skull you'd find closets that were stuffed full of things that I might need one day. There would be garages filled to the ceilings with books and boxes stuffed with magazines. There would be all sorts of exercise equipment and toys.

In the background there would be an incredible sound system playing an assortment of music. Simultaneously there would be several televisions playing movies and sports games.

And somewhere in the midst of all this you'd find me mulling over ways to get rich. Not because I desire material goods, but because I desire the ability to own my time so that I can follow all of my dreams.

There is something to be said for having a roadmap that you can follow to see that your dreams are fulfilled but there is also something to be said for enjoying the journey. Be of good cheer. Be strong. Be patient. Be tenacious and never forget that luck may be an occasional substitute for talent but there is no substitute for hard work.


jac said...

True, I agree that luck can randomly win over hard work but then in this world, now the new word nepotism has come up with bright colours.

... Is the Window to Our Soul said...

Wow - what excellent imagery. I am going to show this to my husband. He probably can relate.

Jack Steiner said...


Nepotism is an age old challenge.



Anonymous said...

Working hard in the momentum, when you are able to advance can be rewarding. However, working hard for a confined slave wage in some bottom of the food chain dead end job for an egoistic corporate fat cat will not likely get you all that far. Despite the unlimited effort you might put into it.

So the precursor for success is a combination of ideas, talent, persistance, hard work and, as significant as all these things combined, luck(circumstance, right place, right time, knowing the right people, dynamics of the moment etc etc., all these things you are unable to directly influence).

So success, however defined, is accumulated by a wide variety of factors that can as well as those that can't be influenced. These factors contribute to eachother and end up defining your socio-economic stratification. Adding that circumstance is the decisive common denominator for success might be ill-conceived by wide varieties of social strata(espescially in U.S.), that doesn't however undermine its legitimacy.

Ray Bridges said...

Good post on several levels. Good writing married to interesting ideas are always a good morning's read.

Jack Steiner said...


The big question is how do you find work that you love to do.



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