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Tivo- Captured By The Demon

I am one of 1,987,098,098 Tivo addicts. It is sad but true. I got it so that I wouldn't have to worry about missing The Sopranos and some other shows that I thought were inappropriate for my son to watch.

Since that time the simple convenience of recording has made a real impact on my life. I love the 20 second rewind button. You know, the one you touch when you missed a scene/comment/play what have you.

But I find myself searching for that constantly. Listening to the radio is irritating because I don't have my rewind. Telephone calls are similarly disturbing as I look for a way to hit pause.

And now the #%#%^DTDY^#^#^$% thing has decided to stop working and I can't figure out why.


AbbaGav said…
Had to rewind your post a couple times before its full glory sank in. I've really gotten hooked on the Israeli equivalent of Tivo, even though there is almost nothing worth watching to record with it. But I could just record inactive channel test patterns and watch them later with such a sense of absolute, perfect control that it's hard to break away.
StepIma said…
I love my DVR. It is the greatest invention in the history of the universe, ever. Ever.

At least since they eradicated polio, anyhow.
Richmond said…
Oh no! TIVO's broken?!?! THat *would* suck... I am totally addicted to our DVR. Love it.
jack; use live pause instead on the new DIRECTV DVR.

much better than tivo.
Jack Steiner said…

It is insidious how this little devices captures your soul.




It is a problem. ;)


I'll check it out.