Haveil Havalim #61- Call Me Roger Maris

Hi folks it is time for Haveil Havalim, number 61. Just call me Roger Maris and join me for a tour of the ballparks and blogs of the JBlogosphere. And just because it needs to be said, this blog is steroid free.

One more thing. Due to circumstances beyond my control this is not as organized as I would like it to be. Because I like to share my pain let me tell you that I have had the pleasure of explaining to my children that sometimes when we get sick we have two exits that are used. Can you say Clorox. Ok, that is enough about that.

The miscellaneous section is filled with some really good posts. Take some time to check it out and explore some of the J-blogosphere's fine material.

One more note, this post is approved by both the Bishop of BullFrog and Shola Rhodes. And now on to the show:


Different River writes about our own Batya and the news that it looks like she is going to be evicted from her home. Over at Israel Matzav Carl has blogged about an interesting meeting and The Rise of Islamism in Israel and the Administered Territories.

SnoopyTheGoon sends us to the Zionism-Israel weblog to read about a baby named Jenin. He also takes us to an aquarium to learn about the mysterious stealth shark project. Israel Perspectives offers On the value of Democracy in the Jewish State.

And now for our Red Sox fans I present Phishaliyah who is concerned about watching Johnny Damon light up the basepaths in Yankee Stadium. Or should I say that he is preparing to make aliyah and is worried about how to catch a Yankee game in the holy land.

Personally I don't care about the Yanks or the Sox. I am a diehard Dodger fan who can't stand the DH, but tolerates it in the Angels, but I digress.

Olah Chadasha has a nice post about her father- in- law and she also writes about Baruch Marzel coming to the Yishuv of Eshchar in the Galil to over-view the illegal houses of Sachnin, an Arab city, after being told he couldn't actually enter the city.
Israel Matzav asks What would Sharon Do? From Westbank Mama: A No-Show on March 28th Is A Vote for the Left.

The Front Line offer his commentary about peace with this post called Fool Me Once. I don't know about you but the Zionification of The Haredim sounds like a film George Lucas might make. Read it, you'll enjoy it. And while you are there Rafi suggests you look at this post too.

Phishaliyah is concerned about criticism levelled by the U.S. State Department. Sushi Kiddush suggests building a wall to the sky. A Dance Magazine is filled with Horah at the thought of publishing positive news about Israel. Mensa Barbie offers Peace For Israel.

Want a rundown on Finkelstein at Columbia? Click here or here. Speaking of education Daled Amos writes Jay Bennish: Anti-Bush...and Anti-Israel.

How about The Most Moral Army In History. I put this one in because he links to me in the post. Ok, I did it because I like it but the link didn't hurt. ;)

Was this an accident? Intercontinental Hotels wipes Israel off the map.
It is not a movie title, but it could be A Funny Thing Happened On the Way to Guard Duty...


Adar is a happy-go-lucky time in which all sorts of wackiness ensues. Over at the Muqata Jameel has organized numerous blog parodies. I'll let you determine whether these links are real or parodies.

DovBear has his own thoughts on parodies.

DovBear has an excellent post about the nonsense that spews out of some mouths. Where are Mordecai and Esther buried. Who wants some Mishloach Manot. What about these?

Elder of Ziyon is right, Purim brings out all sorts of interesting stories. Check out his piece about The Legacy of Goering. Megilla reading for dummies... oops, I meant mommies is worth checking out.

Yourish shows us that love conquers all barriers. Seforim blogged about Purim, Mixed Dancing and Kill Joys. Over at the Shmata Shack the Shmata Queen made Hamantaschen and even discussed the merits of chocolate.

It is not quite about Purim, but this love story is filled with so much happiness it is appropriate to link to it here.

Elie has the inside scoop on the Uncle Mordy controversy. Speaking of scoops Roger Simon has the lowdown on Purim in Japan.

Need a recipe for Purim? Try the Kosher Cooking Carnival. Eat a Tasty Animal for PETA Day Falls on Shushan Purim this year. Or there is always the Halal Hamasnikim #1 -- New Hamas Blog Carnival.

The Saturday Night Before Purim sounds like a good read to me. Dave says that The etymology of hamentaschen is fairly well known. Is there a real Purim Code? There is nothing like Purim Politics to put a smile on your face.


Psychotoddler is dreaming but without the commentary. Robbie blogged about skills everyone should have. Treppenwitz blogged about the Secret Magic of a Father's Shoulder.

Bored with these, then maybe you need to read about the Pornification of America. Or better yet read about one writer's battle to change a lightbulb. I'm Haaretz says she is a little different from the other women in school.

The Bacon Eating Atheist Jew offered an explanation for some of the chaos in the ME here. SOXBLOG has an interesting post about Sharia'a Finance. Attila discusses negative perceptions.

Check out Elie's post about Inheritance and Inspiration. It is interesting. So is Soccer Dad's post about his Chassidic Ancestry.

It is an older post, but I suggest reading Tevye-san. Chaim is back from his hiatus. Check out Oh the Sweet Irony ....MBD on Stealing Music! and his interview with Treppenwitz.

Shoshana blogged about love. Ezzie wrote about how he and Serach fell in love. A Whispering Soul is still MIA,as is Bloghead.

Gail offers The Great Stampede. Mirty saw Brokeback Mountain. The Beach Boys work for Abarbanel.


Not The Godol Hador writes Who Wrote The Torah. Irina is hiding from G-d. Elie really enjoys his matzah. Ger Tzadik has an interesting post called Speed III: Self-Destructing Shul - Starring Keanu Reeves. He also asks What are My Minhagim?

Snoopy asks: Fighting Anti-Semitism: Is Anything Working? At Kesher Talk I encourage you to read Snapshots From the Edge. Things are still rough in France. Robert at Seraphic Secret is not real optimistic about there being any sort of real change there.

Sometimes life as a Rebbetzin makes you want to throw a bag over your head. There are still more Jewish Questions.

That is all folks. Send in your submissions for the next edition of HH to shilohmuse at yahoo dot com.
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Irina Tsukerman said...

Thanks so much for the links. I hope the kids are feeling better!

cruisin-mom said...

Wow...big job, Jack...nice of you to do this.

Elie said...

Thanks so much for including me three times - I'm very honored!


Jack Steiner said...


Thanks for participating and for the well wishes.

Hi Randi,

Thank you.


It is my pleasure.

I'm Haaretz, Ph.D. said...

Jack- the urim and tumin worked :) very comprehensive! Thanks for the link.

westbankmama said...

Excellent job Jack - thank you for the links. Now I have something to take my mind of fasting today...

Shira Salamone said...

I want you to know that I had to fine-tooth-comb my way through this post something like half a dozen times before I finally found the link to my post--at which point I burst out laughing. I kept looking for something such as, ya know, like, my name, my blog's name, the name of the post. But really, you deserve some kind of prize for the most obscure, and funniest, link to a post of mine that I've ever seen. "The Beach Boys work for Abarbanel." ??!! Hmm, must be Adar or somethin'. :) :) :)

Jack Steiner said...

Hi Shira,

What can I say, I have an obscure mind. ;)

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