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Speed Humps- What A Great Idea

I always wanted to move to a place that believed in a quickie. As a young man I dreamt of this place, a paradise on Earth.

If I would have known that such a place was more than a dream I would have quickly moved and settled there.

Look at that picture. It is a land boom waiting to happen. Just think of the potential. Not a land of milk and honey but one that could be just as sweet.

It is place where they make use of all of the facilities at hand. Hotels, Motels and as this sign shows, even automobiles.
There is great potential in this idea. It could be the solution to many of the challenges that the world faces. More speed humping will bring more smiles and less stress. No longer will Vice Presidents shoot lawyers and no longer will we see fighting over petty things like land and wealth.

Speed Humping- A Great Idea Whose Time Has Come


I'm just not sure how the speed sign of 25 MPH fits into the general concept...but it has potential :)
MUST Gum Addict said…
It's obviously working. I posted a similar photo of a sign in Bnei Brak on Jameel's blog several weeks ago...
Michael Suddard said…
I don't consider 25 mph to be that speedy. Is this false advertising?
Richmond said…
Huh. Speed humping.... is 25MPH the rule or just a suggestion....
Jack Steiner said…

We are working on developing the concept further.


You know Rav Azariah and Tarfon once spent an entire evening learning in Bnei Brak, but that was something a little different.


Remember, it is MPH, not KPH.


That is a suggestion, some people are allowed to go faster provided that they are properly equipped.
Anonymous said…
Jack, I think Dr. Bean posted about his last summer, something about jogging and coming across this sign. Actually, in a very "hippie" neighborhood near where I live, "Speed Humps" have been the trendy lingo for about 15 yrs now.