Potty Humor- Bathroom Horror

There is no better way to make yourself feel better than to laugh at the misery of others. As you chuckle you mutter how glad you are that you are not the poor sod who had to deal with example XYZ of misfortune.

Because who wants to be the one to slip on a banana peel, fall down the stairs or be hit in the face with a pie. Ok, strike that, I have always wanted to be in one of those major pie fights I used to see on television. You know, The Three Stooges/Marx Brothers kind of thing. It would be kind of fun.

Anyway, try as I might I do have some stories that relate to this in one way or another. Because
I have a dysfunctional digestive system. You might have read about it here, here, here, here, here and here. And there is more of where that came from.

But thanks to Ellison I learned today that there are far worse stories out there. Here is one that grabbed me. Oy vey. If you are up for some more try clicking here.


Shifra said...

I once hit someone in the face with a pie, in HS. It was really worth all the trouble I got in for it too!

Jack Steiner said...

I bet. It sounds like it.

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