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Live Silence?

this is an audio post - click to play


Robbie said…
Whoa. Them's fightin' words.

Oh, and the page hasn't been loading slow for me at all - and I'm on both windows and mac, depending on the time.
Elster said…
You have a good radio voice.
Robbie said…
I totally take that back. It's slow as hell.
Richmond said…
I get such a kick out of these audio posts! :)

And in answer to your question, I think it's because "live silence" would be a strange and unnatural state. For example, audio posting. Hello?
Topwomen said…
First off,thanks for stopping by. Stop.

Western Union no longer sends telegrams so you can stop. Stop.

Great podvoice and delivery; maybe your jack of all trade status just included another trade. Stop.

No, keep going!
Jack Steiner said…

Fighting words- what did I draw a cartoon.

Elster- Thank you.


Decisive, aren't you. ;)


You are right, Live Silence would be ridiculous.


I appreciate STOP Your Support STOP
Bill said…
I hear Pittsburgh is having a ticker tape parade, and the game referees have their own float. (-: Seriously I don't watch football.

oops almost forgot *stop*