A Conversation with Someone Dear To Me

I have been trying to get back into a Story of Two Souls. So here is the next chapter. I call it A Conversation with Someone Dear To Me.

So much time had passed that sometimes Anne found herself wondering if there had ever been a time in which Daniel hadn't been a part of her life. It was hard to fathom that such a time could have ever been.

She wasn't so far gone to believe that. She knew that for the majority of her life Daniel hadn't been a part of it, not a thought, not even a dream. He was someone that had stumbled into her heart. That was how she thought of it. It was unlooked for and unsought. It just happened. They just happened.

The problem was that she didn't like viewing things like that. It didn't fit into an orderly, logical and highly organized life. She laughed at the thought. Daniel was always teasing her about being stiff and uptight. He didn't really mean it, but he did it because he knew that he would get a rise out of her. If they had know each other in grade school he would have been the boy who pulled her hair or spilled ink on her new dress.

Passion. That is really what drove her crazy. She had thought that she knew what passion and lust were. Five years ago if you had asked her about it she would have gladly answered the question and told you as best she could about it. But in her mind she would have smiled and thought to herself that if you had to ask you really didn't know. That kind of passion couldn't be described. The funny thing was that it was Daniel who taught her that she hadn't an inkling about what real passion was until she fell in love with him.

Passion was what you felt when you made love and didn't realize that you were sobbing until he gently kissed away the tears. Passion was what you felt when you screamed at him about something silly, when you fought about things that were meaningless and he just laughed. His laughter was infuriating but at the same time it was disarming.

His laughter made her anger dissipate and in a very short time she had trouble remembering why she had been angry with him in the first place. More than anything she realized that the real source of her anger was her fear that she might lose him. He had reached into her heart and opened a door that had been closed and she never wanted to let it close again.

"We started a story, Whose end must now wait
And, tell me
When will our eyes meet
When can I touch you
When will this strong yearning end
And when
Will I hold you again
I feel the change comin'
--I feel the wind blow
I feel brave and daring!
I feel my blood flow
With you
I can bring out
All the love, that I have
--With you there's a heaven
So earth ain't so bad
And tell me
When will our eyes meet
When can I touch you
When will this strong yearning end
And when
Will I hold you again"
Weekend in New England- Barry Manilow


Stacey said...

I loved this. Ahhhh, beautiful.

chosha said...

There is some good stuff in there, but if this is something you'd like to publish you should probably edit a little for sugar shock. (Also...spilled ink on her dress? Did they go to grade school in 1873?? ^_~ )
It's so true isn't it, that when you are in love, soon it seems like there couldn't have been a time when the other person wasn't in your life.

Anonymous said...

Are you in my head? This is my life right now. Wow. This is not only possible but it is so true and is unfolding in this same way for me. So far, my ending seems hopeless for us so this story is a real cliffhanger for me. But life is still carrying on and moving forward so time will tell.
I really love reading this story. Hope there is more to come.

bernthis said...

Ahh, maybe one day...

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