Search Terms Used to Find My Blog

Just for kicks I like to list some of the search terms used to find my blog:
It is not my thong
Monkeying around with a shmata
aliyah musings
Karl malone hurricane katrina
schnappi the krokodil
IDF blog
cleveland sucks
roly poly good old boys guitar music
napoleon complex
matisyahu meaning
how do you become germophobic
how to become a real ladies man
sex with monkeys
And this is just the short list. Perhaps I'll provide more later.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

OMGosh! You mean to tell me that no one commented on this post?!? Jeesh. We can't have that. It was funny, especially the "sex monkeys" ... I just didn't comment the first time I read this because ... well, because I was being lazy.

Here's one of my blog's Google search terms:

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